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Park Water Feature Type Calendar Year(s)
Big Hole Big Hole River at Battlefield near Wisdom, Montana Discharge 1998-2003
Chickasaw East Observation Well Water Levels 2003-2009
Chickasaw West Observation Well Water Levels 2003-2011
Death Valley Devils Hole Pool Levels 1989-2011
Death Valley Nevares Spring near Cow Creek Discharge 1989-2011
Death Valley Texas Spring in Furnace Creek Wash Discharge 1989-2006
Death Valley Texas Syncline Well No. 1 in Furnace Creek Wash Water Levels 1999-2006
Death Valley Travertine Springs in Furnace Creek Wash Discharge 1989-2007
Grand Teton Gros Ventre River at Upstream NPS Boundary Discharge 2006-2008
Mesa Verde Mancos River at Anitas Flats Discharge 2003-2005
Montezuma Castle Montezuma Well Pool Levels 2004-2006
Montezuma Castle Montezuma Well Outlet Discharge 2001-2005
Saguaro Rincon Creek near Madrona Ranger Station (Pool A) Discharge 2003-2008
Saguaro Rincon Creek Monitoring Wells RC-1, RC-2, and RC-3 Water Levels 2005-2006

Last Updated: April 27, 2015