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Baseline Water Quality Data Inventory and Analysis Reports

Baseline Water Quality Data Inventory and Analysis Reports were produced jointly by the NPS Water Resources and Inventory and Monitoring Divisions for 235 national park units to characterize baseline water quality and provide descriptive water quality information to every national park unit in a format usable for park planning and management. The primary objectives of the reports were to:

  1. retrieve water quality and related data from the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) STORET and other database systems
  2. develop a complete inventory of all retrieved data
  3. produce descriptive statistics and appropriate box and whiskers and time series plots of the water quality data to characterize annual, seasonal, and period of record central tendencies and trends
  4. compare park water quality data with relevant EPA national water quality criteria on a station by station basis
  5. provide a springboard for using the data in more sophisticated analytical systems and applications; and (6) determine where additional baseline water quality monitoring is needed due to spatial, temporal, parametric, or other limitations of the existing available data.

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Level I Water Quality Inventory Reports

When a park's Baseline Water Quality Data Inventory and Analysis Report indicated that there was no data, limited data, or only very old data available for key park water bodies, a Level I Water Quality Inventory may have been undertaken by park staff or its contractors or cooperators to collect the primary and secondary water quality data necessary to construct an initial baseline for the park. These new Level I water quality inventory data were uploaded to the EPA's STORET database. Some of the Level I Water Quality Inventories also generated reports which can be obtained below.

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Last Updated: July 30, 2012