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Ocean Park Stewardship Action Plan

The 2001 National Park System Advisory Board Report, Rethinking the National Parks for the 21st Century, raised concerns about "dramatic declines in the health of marine ecosystems" and called on the National Park Service to focus more attention on stewardship and protection of ocean resources. In 2004, the President signed U.S. Ocean Action Plan. In response, NPS launched a new initiative to increase the focus on ocean park resources. The NPS Ocean Park Stewardship Action Plan (December 2006) commits to science-based management and conservation of natural and cultural marine resources. The plan calls for an increased understanding of marine ecosystems and human interactions, restoration of impacted resources, and new measures to enhance park resource management efforts.

Regional Ocean and Coastal Park Strategic Plans

Effective long-term conservation of marine resources depends on implementing planning strategies focused on issues threatening parks today and anticipating issues that will confront ocean parks in the future. Five NPS regions developed strategic plans for their coastal parks to implement the goals of the President's U.S. Ocean Action Plan and the NPS Ocean Park Stewardship Action Plan.

Last Updated: January 25, 2012