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River in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, NPS photo

Water resources in the National Parks are all part of the hydrologic cycle. The various parts of the water environment are measured by a multitude of agencies that share this information with the public and water resource professionals. Below are links which allow you to search data sources for specific information about water resources.

Ground Water

USGS Ground Water Data for the Nation

Water Laws and Regulations


Water Quality

Baseline Water Quality in Parks

EPA Water Quality Contaminants (Encyclopedia)

Hazard & Safety Environmental Contaminants Encyclopedia

National Water Quality Assessment (NAWQA)

Water Quality Data System (STORET)

Water Quality Drinking Water

Water Quality Policy and Guidance (pending)

Water Resources

Rain and Snow (National Water and Climate Center)

Rivers and Lakes (future link)

Streamflow (Real Time Water Data)

Water Rights

All Water Rights Branch Stream Gage Data

The National Park Service cooperates in special studies along with other government agencies and cooperators. In it efforts to share information with these parties, this section is intended for National Park Service cooperators, scientists, and other government agencies. All of the information contained in the links below are technical and scientific, and not written for the general public.

Vital Signs Water Quality Data Management and Archiving

Vital Signs Guidance

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