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Technical Reports


An Evaluation of Chinook Salmon Freshwater Habitat Use in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska, 2004. (365 kB PDF)
Distribution and Characteristics of Sockeye Salmon Spawning Habits in the Lake Clark Watershed, Alaska, 2005. (1.8 MB PDF)

Intermountain Region

Protection of Native Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout in Yellowstone Lake - Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, 2003. (626 kB PDF)
An Evaluation of a Potential Barrier to the Upstream Movement of Brook Trout in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, 2004. (1.28 MB PDF)

Midwest Region

Reports Pending

Northeast Region

Reports Pending

Pacific West Region

Bonneville Cuttthroat Trout Restoration Project: Great Basin National Park, 2008. (1.67 MB PDF)
Evaluation of Stream Temperature Regimes for Juvenile Coho Salmon in Redwood Creek using Infrared, 2005. (1.26 MB PDF)

Southeast Region

A Field Manual for the Use of Antimycin A for Restoration of Native Fish Populations, 2008. (8.37 MB PDF)
Fishery Management Analyses for Reef Fish in Biscayne National Park: Bag and Size Limit Alternatives, 2007. (4.04 MB PDF)
Genetic Integrity of an Isolated Population of Shoal Bass (Micropterus cataractae) in the Upper Chattahoochee River Basin, 2007. (488 kB PDF)
Restoration of Sams Creek and an Assessment of Brook Trout Restoration Methods, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee, 2005. (449 kB PDF)

Miscellaneous Fisheries Reports

Needs in the Management of Native Freshwater Mussels in the National Park System, 1998. (2.29 MB PDF)

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