Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National Historic Site Virtual Experience


Immerse yourself in the culture and life of ancient Hawaii as you explore Pu’uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park on the southern Kona Coast of Hawaii. Tour the lands where the royal chiefs – ali’i - lived, and watch sea turtles swim in Keone’ele Cove. Rest in the sanctuary of the Pu’uhonua – place of refuge - which was a place of peace and safety. Travel the 1871 Trail to the abandoned village of Ki’ilae. Stop along the way to peek inside Waiu-o-Hina Lava tube and end your journey admiring a sunset through a grove of coconut palms.


About the Park

Learn more about the creation of the park, and the cultural and natural resources it protects.


Tour the Royal Grounds

This is where the royal chiefs, the ali'i lived. It was against the sacred laws, the kapu, for a common person to even cast a shadow inside the royal grounds. Take this tour to learn about the lives of the ali'i.


Explore the Pu'uhonua

This is the place of refuge - no blood could be shed inside the pu'uhonua, and within its walls, the guilty could be given a second chance. The pu'uhonua was a safe haven for non-combatants in wartime. Defeated wariors too were welcome here. Also, redemption could be granted to those who broke the sacred laws, the kapu. If the lawbreaker could reach the pu'uhonua, he could spend a couple of nights there, make peace with the gods, and be released to his village safely by a priest.


Take the 1871 Trail to Ki'ilae

The 1871 Trail leads to the abandoned village of Ki'ilae. This village was a transition between ancient and modern times in Hawaiian life. Walk the trail and see geologic wonders like cliffs and a lava tube you can walk through, and archaeological treasures that tell tales of the past.



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