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Have you ever gone to a place that was beyond the end of the road?

Can you think of a spot where the only sound you hear is the whistling of the wind or the rushing of a river?

Have you ever stood at the edge of a pristine mountain lake, hiked into the mouth of a volcanic crater, heard waves crash on an isolated sandy beach, stood beneath a lone cactus in the desert, felt the icy chill from a glacier, or the tranquil coolness of a lush forest?

Do you think you could carry all you needed to survive on your back? And hike for a week alone?

Do you want to look beyond the farthest horizon?

Would you like to watch a lizard sun itself on a rock? Or catch a glimpse of a bear through the trees?

Are you ready to learn from the past?

Can you sense nature all around you? Feel the solidness of the earth beneath your feet and smell the fresh air from the clean, clear sky above you?

Can you face up to a challenge and push yourself to the limit? Are you willing to learn about yourself and perhaps become a different person?

Step into wilderness.
This is a special place.
Nature rules here and man is simply a visitor.
Wilderness is yours and it’s mine.
It’s part of the American heritage, and part of our future.
Come explore and find the wilderness within you.


Introductory Video Text

Introduction to wilderness

What is wilderness?

Where is wilderness?

Why did U.S. citizens feel the need to legally protect wilderness?

How is wilderness managed?

Who is involved with wilderness today?

Wilderness up close

How can you help?



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