Timpanogos caves most famous stalactite! "The Great Heart of Timpanogos" is impressive not only because of its beauty but also because of its sheer size. The "heart" measures approximately 5.5 feet in length and is about 1cubic yard in volume. Many people wonder how much the heart weighs, it would be impossible to weigh the heart without removing it from it's current location so no one really knows, however it is estimated to weigh over two tons.

Past visitors to the caves may remember that the great heart used to look red. This is because a red light was shown through it so that it would look more like a real heart. Because the heart is not actually red this was a misleading and unnatural way to represent the it. The heart is now shown in white light (but I bet that if you actually visit the park ranger leading your tour could be persuaded to show you what it looked like with the red light.) Also notice the intricate formations which surround the great heart; the beaded helictites and quill anthodite from the previous stop are found on a wall quite close to the heart.