This is actually the first stop on the guided tour through which most visitors experience the caves. On this tour visitors are asked to stay on the paved and lighted trail, not to touch anything, not to eat or drink while inside the caves and to be very careful to avoid bumping their heads on low formations. These may seem like pretty strict rules, but they are designed to preserve the resources of the caves and protect visitors from accidental injury.

Wow! What are all of these things?

Most people refer to the unique secondary mineral deposits found in caves as "cave formations." Geologists and cavers however frequently refer to them as speleothems. You will soon see that a wide variety of speleothems exist in the Timpanogos cave system. Even here in the entrance room are examples of flowstone and stalagmites. As its name indicates, flowstone is formed by flowing water. Stalagmites are formed by dripping water, this one is affectionately referred to as the "Hershey's Kiss." Can you tell why?