Expedition (ek’spi-dish’en) n. 1.a. A journey undertaken for a definite purpose.

The unknown has always called to us. From our very beginnings, we have banded together to climb the next hill and investigate all the wonders in the valley beyond.

As Lewis and Clark planned and speculated with President Jefferson centuries ago, who knew what amazing natural wonders and fascinating peoples their expedition would discover in the uncharted West. And just as Major John Wesley Powell entered into the vast and deep gorge we know today as the “Grand Canyon”, who could imagine the adventures, the sights, and the new discoveries that awaited the Major and his crew.

Today, we are still planning and speculating. Each year we load our boats and send our expedition “down river” to investigate the Colorado River, her side canyons, and her tributaries. And with each new year, each new expedition brings valuable information on plants and animals that are new science, as well as a better understanding of those we already know. For some, the prognosis is good, for others, they stand on the brink of extinction. The key to it all is the knowledge gathered by the members of our expedition.

Come and join us on this annual expedition along the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park. There’s no telling what you might discover….

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