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The NPS Social Science Branch produces a number of publications. The reports below, in addition to the rest of the Social Studies Science Collection, can be viewed electronically on the NPS Focus Digital Library & Research Station website.

NPS 2008–2009 Comprehensive Survey of the American Public Reports

The NPS Social Science Branch conducted the second comprehensive survey of the American public from April 2008 through March 2009. This survey consisted of 15-minute interviews with more than 4,000 respondents across the United States. It was designed to be comparable with the first comprehensive survey of the American public, which was conducted in 2000. Both comprehensive surveys obtained information on public attitudes and behaviors related to programs and services provided by national parks, as well as on demographic characteristics of recent visitors and non-visitors to the National Park System. Links to the first three reports from the second comprehensive survey are listed below. Additional companion reports will be posted as they become available.

Social Science Research Review

Copies of the reviews will be made available as they are completed.

Socioeconomic Atlas

The Socioeconomic Atlas supplements the scientific knowledge of park managers with information on socioeconomic conditions in the regions surrounding national park units. Each atlas presents information about population, economy and commerce, social and cultural characteristics, recreation and tourism, administration and government, and land use for counties that surround a national park unit.

Visitor Services Project

The Visitor Services Project produces an annual report, Serving the Visitor, that describes how well the NPS is serving its customers. Serving the Visitor 2008 (PDF - 2.21MB) is available.

Visitor Survey Card

Systemwide reports from annual Visitor Survey Card data include:

Visitor Use Statistics

Visitor Use Statistics staff produce reports ranging from monthly visitation summaries to annual statistical abstracts and in-depth analyses examining changes in visitation over the decades, current trends in park visitation, and short-term visitation forecasts.

Last Updated: September 17, 2014