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Procedural Manual 77-2: Floodplain Management

IV. Relationship to Other Requirements

This manual is consistent with all substantive requirements of Executive Order 11988, Floodplain Management (herein referred to as “the Executive Order”), as interpreted and explained in the U.S. Water Resources Council (WRC) Floodplain Management Guidelines (43 FR 6030). NPS compliance with the Executive Order is mandatory. This procedural manual adopts the requirements of the Executive Order, as interpreted and explained in the WRC guidelines, and follows the WRC guidelines except where they are superseded by the Department of the Interior Manual (Chapter 1, Part 520). This procedural manual also addresses activities and responsibilities that occur in flood-prone areas not specifically addressed in the Executive Order, WRC guidelines, or Department Manual (e.g., flash flood-prone zones; geomorphically active zones).

This procedural manual should be used in conjunction with Director’s Order 12, “Conservation Planning, Environmental Impact Analysis, and Decision Making,” and the DO-12 Handbook. The DO-12 Handbook contains basic information for NPS compliance with the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and other information on impact assessment and resource conservation.

Documents prepared in accordance with this procedural manual will be combined with or appended to the appropriate environmental documents prepared in compliance with NEPA, the Departmental Manual, and DO-12. Wetlands compliance can be combined with floodplain compliance when the two issues are related.

The Standards and Criteria of the National Flood Insurance Program (44 CFR 60) pertain specifically to the procedures in this manual. Those Standards and Criteria apply to the protection of structures and facilities from flood hazards and the protection of existing development from the effects of new development. They pertain to siting and design criteria for residential and non-residential structures, utility systems, and other structures. Unless these standards are demonstrably inappropriate for a given type of structure or facility, they will apply to all NPS planning, assessment, and design activities for actions in the regulatory floodplain.

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