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Cave and Karst Management

Exhibit 4 - Recommended Caving Equipment

Horizontal Caves

1 helmet (labeled and approved by safety standards groups such UIAA (International Union of Alpine Associates)
1 helmet-mounted light source
2 spare light sources (one should be helmet-mountable)
1 pair sturdy boots, with non-skid soles
Clothing suitable to the cave environment
1 pair gloves
Kneepads and elbow pads, as needed
Water and food according to the trip’s duration
Waste receptacles for transporting feces and urine out of the cave
First-aid kit, including hypothermia gear

Vertical Caves

All horizontal gear
Personal climbing system
Ropes and webbing appropriate for the trip
Knowledge of proper use
Chest harness, as necessary
Seat harness
Ascenders (minimum of two points connecting seat harness to rope)
Carabiners, webbing, and rope for attaching gear to harness
Rope (approximate lengths for cave; appropriate knowledge of use)

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