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Spring 2011
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[Diagram] Sample climate change training decision tree for the planners and engineers job category Research Report
Climate-Friendly Park Employees: The Intermountain Region's climate change training assessment
By Gregg Garfin, Holly Hartmann, Mabel Crescioni-Benitez, Theresa Ely, John Keck, James W. Kendrick, Kristin Legg, and Janet Wise
Published: 4 Sep 2015 (online)  •  14 Sep 2015 (in print)
Survey and interview results
Training and resources
Web site assessment
Acknowledgments and References
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The Intermountain Region (IMR) of the National Park System is one of the most diverse areas administered by the National Park Service (NPS), with more than 90 park units encompassing coastal, desert, mountain, and prairie ecosystems. Climate change and vanishing landscapes were among the top five IMR challenges enumerated in an internal report (NPS 2009). To prepare for these challenges, the Intermountain Region engaged University of Arizona scientists to assess needs for workshops and training to provide IMR employees with information they could use to manage resources, mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, and plan for adaptation to climate changes. University and NPS investigators refined the project scope and agreed upon the following goals: (1) assess the climate change knowledge of a sample of IMR employees; (2) determine the content, design, and communication media of potential training modules for employees; (3) develop a road map linking current and expected climate change information needs; and (4) determine how best to leverage existing climate change information resources and reconcile information from different sources.

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