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Volume 26
Number 2
Fall 2009
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Mushroom on the forest floor at Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park, Virginia. Research Report
Forest vegetation monitoring in eastern national parks

By Jim Comiskey, John Paul Schmit, Suzanne Sanders, Patrick Campbell, and Brian Mitchell
Published: 4 Sep 2015 (online)  •  14 Sep 2015 (in print)
  + Abstract +
History of monitoring and collaboration
Monitoring methods
A regional coverage
Reporting results
Initial findings
Integration with management
Benefits of the forest monitoring group
Future direction
About the authors
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As the dominant ecosystem of eastern and midwestern parks, forests are an important resource for long-term monitoring. Eight Inventory and Monitoring Program networks and three prototype parks have joined forces to provide a framework for monitoring changes in forest communities. The initiative builds upon existing programs including the USDA Forest Service’s Forest Inventory Analysis program and the experience of the three prototype parks in monitoring forest vegetation for more than a decade. The project’s working group is currently developing protocols for monitoring and reporting results that will allow information collected at individual parks and networks to be easily shared and compared. Such an extensive network provides valuable information for natural resource management and encourages further research by collaborative partners.

Key words: forest, vegetation, health, monitoring, I&M, vital signs, invasive, exotic

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