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Executive Orders

Executive Orders allow the President of the United States to direct the operations of the federal government. Some Executive Orders pertain to how we manage the resources in parks.

For example, Executive Order 13112 -- Invasive Species directs federal agencies to take actions such as:

  • preventing the introduction of invasive species;
  • detecting and responding rapidly to and controlling populations of such species in a cost-effective and environmentally sound manner;
  • monitoring invasive species populations accurately and reliably;
  • providing for restoration of native species and habitat conditions in ecosystems that have been invaded;
  • conducting research on invasive species and developing technologies to prevent introduction and provide for environmentally sound control of invasive species;
  • and promoting public education on invasive species and the means to address them.
Our Exotic Plant Management Teams help address the concerns related to invasive species as outlined in Executive Order 13112.
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