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About Sunset Crater Volcano’s geology site

How this site works

The goal of this site is to introduce the geology of Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument in an interesting and scientifically accurate way. The site is constructed so that the first pages in any subject area are presented at a beginner’s level; anyone from middle-school level and up should be able to learn something from them whether you have any geology background or not.

Some of the geologic terms will be new to beginners. Not to worry! Most terms are linked to a simplified geologic glossary. To learn more details at a more advanced technical level, simply click on any of the images or 'more details' selections. For the most serious geology students, we offer a technically-speaking page. Here you'll soon find lists of maps, technical literature citations and the like.

Who we are

This site is produced by the United States Geological Survey and the staff of Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument. Many people have contributed to this site through their scientific research, word-smith skills, interpretive know-how, and artistic talents. Only a few of those are introduced here.

photo of Melanie Moreno is on the way Melanie Moreno is a geologist and education specialist at the United States Geological Survey. She works with National Parks to develop materials, including web pages, that introduce geology to Park visitors.

photo of SuZan Pearce SuZan Pearce is an education specialist at Sunset Crater National Monument. SuZan is working in conjunction with Joell Clark of Northern Arizona University to develop programs that allow kids to work on 'real' scientific studies within the National Monument. To find out more about education programs at the Monument contact her at

photo of Suzannne Morrison is on the way Suzannne Morrison is a geologist and a ranger at Sunset Crater National Monument. If you're interested in seismology and Sunset Crater’s seismograph, she’s the one you'll want to meet when you visit.

photo of Bob is on the way Bob Lillie is a geophysicist at Oregon State University. He has spent many years working with parks to help them develop geology programs for visitors. He’s currently writing a book entitled "Parks and Plates" that will teach plate tectonics using some of our most geologically intriguing National Parks as examples. Several of the photos you see in this site are Bob’s work.

photo of Wendell Duffield is on the way Wendell Duffield is a volcanologist and at the United States Geological Survey and professor at Northern Arizona University. Duff has written several books and newspaper articles on volcanoes and other topics in geology.

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This site is a cooperative endeavor of the
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This page was last updated on 1/24/99