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Geologist’s page

This page is dedicated to serious geology fans. Topographic and geologic map lists will be provided for hikers and others interested in exploring Mojave National Preserve geology in person.
Mojave Ecosystem Project

Current USGS Research in Mojave National Preserve

Technical citations and resources

  • Rock descriptions and reference list (HTML) for the Preliminary geologic map of the East Mojave National Scenic Area, California (Open-File Report 91-435)
  • Mesozoic Mojave (PDF) (HTML)
    Discussion of Mesozoic rocks of Mojave National Preserve by Gordon B. Haxel and David M. Miller, USGS
  • Proterozoic Mojave (PDF) (HTML)
    Field guide to Proterozoic geology of the New York, Ivanpah, and Providence Mountains, California. David M. Miller and Joseph L. Wooden, USGS

USGS searchable National Geologic Map Database

USGS searchable Topographic Map Finder

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