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Racetrack Playa

Racetrack Playa location map
Road map of Racetrack Playa area.


spacer image The Racetrack is accessible by a 28-mile dirt road that begins near Ubehebe Crater. This road is often very rough, and a high clearance vehicle is recommended. Check on road conditions before you begin. The surface of the playa is very fragile, and off-road driving is strictly prohibited. Avoid walking on the playa when the surface is wet.

Suggestions for your visit

spacer image At an elevation of 3,708 feet, the Racetrack playa is enclosed by steep mountains in the remote northwestern corner of Death Valley National Park. At the north end of the Racetrack is the Grandstand, a 70-foot high outcrop of bedrock that provides great views of the surrounding playa. Those interested in a longer hike should try the old minerŐs trail to Ubehebe Peak. Just west of the Grandstand, this strenuous six-mile round trip hike involves an elevation gain of nearly 2,000 feet. To see the moving rocks, drive to a parking area at the southern end of the Racetrack, and walk at least a half-mile toward the southeast corner of the playa.

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