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Death Valley Geologist’s page

Looking for more detail? This page is dedicated to serious geology fans. Many of the resources listed here use technical terminology.

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pebble USGS Geologic Studies of the Death Valley Region website

pebble Technical Reference List HTML or PDF (469 Kb, 180 pages)

pebble Geology field trip guides

Tertiary extensional features, Death Valley region, eastern California (PDF) 1.2 MB
Bennie W. Troxel and Lauren A. Wright

pebble Technical papers and resources

Proceedings of Conference on Status of Geologic Research and Mapping in Death Valley National Park, Las Vegas, Nevada, April 9-11, 1999
Janet L. Slate, Editor (Open-File Report 99-153)
Complete Proceedings volume (PDF) Note! This is an 8.5 MB file!
Table of contents only (HTML) or (PDF) 650K
Tectonic Evolution of the Death Valley Region, Brian Wernicke (PDF) 1.7 MB
Temporal, Spatial, and Compositional Constraints on Extension-Related Volcanism in Central Death Valley, California. R.A. Thompson, L.A. Wright, C.M. Johnson, and R.J. Fleck (PDF) 31 KB
Differential GPS/GIS Analysis of the Sliding Rock Phenomenon of Racetrack Playa, Death Valley National Park. Paula Messina and Phil Stoffer (HTML) (PDF) 1.4 MB

Geologic and Seismic Hazards Investigations of the Cow Creek Area, Death Valley National Park, California (PDF) 1.4 MB
Michael N. Machette, Carlos Ninci Martinez, Anthony J. Crone, Kathleen M. Haller, and Giuliana D'Addezio (Open-File Report 99-155)

pebble Death Valley region geologic map list

pebble Topographic maps

Topographic map index: Furnace Creek north
Topographic map index: Furnace Creek south
Map Finder, a USGS searchable topographic map data base.

pebble Rock Formations exposed in the Death Valley area

pebble Geology Education resources

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