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Geologic Resources Inventory and Monitoring

The National Park Service (NPS) inventory and monitoring program documents the status and trends of natural resources on park lands. Natural resource inventory and monitoring information is used to assist park managers in decision-making processes and ultimately in resource protection.

The NPS collects data for a set of 12 "basic" natural resource inventories. In the featured programs section, below, information is provided for two of the 12 natural resource inventories, the Geologic Resources Inventory and the Soil Resources Inventory. Information is also provided on geologic resource monitoring in parks. The collection of baseline inventory information on geologic and soil resources and the initiation of long-term monitoring programs to alert management to changes in resource conditions are essential to comprehensive natural resource management.

Featured Programs

Geologic Resources Inventory

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The Geologic Resources Inventory (GRI) helps parks understand the role geology plays in the landscape and environment. The GRI identifies geologic resources and related geologic issues in parks and provides this information to park managers in reports and geologic maps. Learn more...

Geologic Monitoring

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Monitoring geologic change in national parks is an essential component of environmental monitoring and assessment. Changes in the physical environment are often an early indication of forthcoming ecosystem change. Learn more...

Soil Resources Inventory

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The Soil Resources Inventory includes soil maps and soil data. This project helps parks to secure the information needed to manage soil sustainability and to protect water quality, wetlands, vegetation communities, and wildlife habitats. Learn more...

Park Maps

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A variety of park maps are available. General maps, topographic maps, geologic maps, and digital geologic maps have been created for many national park lands. Learn more...

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Last Updated: December 30, 2016