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September 25, 2003


To: Regional Directors and Superintendents

From: Associate Director, Natural Resource Stewardship and Science

Subject: Sixth Annual National Earth Science Week, October 12-18, 2003

As Earth Science Week approaches, it is fitting that we recognize the role that the earth sciences play in the National Parks. The National Park Service has made a firm commitment to utilizing high quality science-based information to support its decision making. Earth science information about air, water and geologic resources is being used by parks for a wide range of management objectives which include pinpointing sources of air pollution, studying aquifers, tracking climate change, and measuring beach erosion.

This year's theme for Earth Science Week is Eyes on Planet Earth: Monitoring our Changing World, which provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase the programs of our Natural Resource Challenge.

All National Park units, through their Chiefs of Interpretation, will be receiving informational mailings about Earth Science Week from our partners at The American Geological Institute. During Earth Science Week, parks can invite guest scientists to talk to staff or visitors, offer special programs or tours, highlight on-going research with a press release to local media, feature earth systems on bulletin boards or in temporary exhibits, or coordinate an event with area schools.

I would like to encourage every park to celebrate during Earth Science Week by providing opportunities for employees, the public, and school groups to attend earth science programs in the parks. For more information visit www.earthsciweek.org/, www2.nature.nps.gov/grd/esw/, or contact the NPS Geologic Resources Division, Jim F Wood, (303) 969-2149. Together, we can demonstrate our strong commitment to providing science-based management and meaningful educational experiences in the National Parks.

Thank you for your support.