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Air Crossword

crossword puzzle

3. Light that bounces off an object.
6. Moving air, especially a natural and perceptible movement of air parallel to or along the ground.
7. The part of the atmosphere 10 miles above Earth's surface.
9. The gaseous mixture surrounding the earth.
12. A suspension of liquid or solid matter in air.
14. The most violent vortex storm on earth.
15. An atmospheric vortex storm of tropical origin that is intermediate in size between a tornado and a mid-latitude cyclone.
17. A region in the atmosphere where the temperature increases with height. This creates a very stable atmosphere; when it occurs at the surface it often traps pollutants in the lower atmosphere.

1. A stream of air, about 12 km (8 miles) high, with an average speed of 100 km/hr (67 mph) at 30 to 50 degrees north latitude.
2. Release of pollutants to the air
4. Unorganized atmospheric motion, including gusts and lulls in the wind. It is responsible for random shaking motion experienced in an airplane during flight,
5. Visual range, coloration, and contrast
8. The gaseous fluid surrounding a planet.
10. An instrument useful for remote sensing of meteorological phenomena. It operates by sending radio waves and monitoring those returned by reflecting objects such as raindrops, cloud droplets, dust particles, blowing dirt and sand grains, or birds.
11. The bending of light at a particular angle as it passes through a transparent medium (such as glass or water).
13. The average or expected weather conditions in a particular region and season. It is quantified by measures such as the monthly mean temperature or precipitation averaged over a number of years.
15. The moisture content of air.
16. A large expanse of air having similar temperature and humidity at any given height

Word List:
Aerosol, Air, Air-mass, Atmosphere, Climate, Emission, Humidity, Hurricane, Inversion, Jet-stream, Radar, Reflection, Refraction, Stratosphere, Tornado, Turbulence, Visibility, Wind

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