Teaching Paleontology in the National Parks

2nd Grade: Introduction to Fossils

Part I:  What is a Fossil?

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Table of Contents

1. Title

2. Title

3. Fossil bones

4. Fossil shells

5. Fossil leaves

6. Fossil tracks

7. Fossil burrow

8. Coprolite

9. Coprolite

10. Vertebrate

11. Horse skull

12. Alligator teeth

13. Allosaurus skull

14. Invertebrate

15. Snail

16. Brachipod

17. Wasp

18. Plant

19. Cone

20. Flower

21. Sediments

22. Sedimentary rock

23. Mammoth bones

24. Fossil fish

25. Paleontologist

26. Paleontologist working

27. Paleontologists working

Author: National Park Service.

Email: parkgeology@den.nps.gov

Home Page: http://www.nature.nps.gov/geology/education/index.htm

Other information:
Project coordinated by Marcia Fagnant, Fossil Butte National Monument.

Developed by Michael B. Leite, Ph.D., and Brent H. Breithaupt, M.S., University of Wyoming.

Slide show script can be found in the slide notes and the curriculum guide .

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