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This curriculum guide for paleontology was developed by Fossil Butte National Monument as part of its growing environmental education program. It is designed to be used by teachers as an aid in presenting principles of fossils and past life to students in the second and third grades.

Paleontology involves the integration of a number of different areas of expertise. We hope these exercises will help teachers to encourage the various talents their students have to offer. While only a minority of students may feel a calling to become scientists, those who do not will, with luck, be stimulated by the cultural or artistic aspects of paleontology, and perhaps better identify with scientists in general. The primary message of these units should be that science is fun.

Teaching Paleontology Unit #1 (PDF 887 KB)

Teaching Paleontology Unit #2 (PDF 332 KB)

Teaching Paleontology Unit #3 (PDF 314 KB)

Teaching Paleontology Unit #4 (PDF 331 KB)


Appendices (PDF 2.28 MB)

Complete Guide: All Units and Appendices (3.71 MB)

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