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Education and Outreach

Photo by GeoCorps America. Photo by GeoCorps America. Photo by GeoCorps America. Photo by GeoCorps America. Photo by GeoCorps America. Photo by GeoCorps America.
The National Park System is a natural laboratory of dynamic earth systems and spectacular geologic features. National Parks serve as classrooms for formal and informal education, and support both on-site and distance learning. Photos by GeoCorps America™.

The outstanding geologic features preserved in the National Parks can easily capture and hold the interests and imagination of students of all ages. National Parks provide a multitude of learning experiences that can help people understand the geologic story behind the scenery. Park visitors gain an awareness and knowledge of geologic systems in nature, as well as their role in preserving them.

Please remember that the collection of rock, minerals, and fossils is illegal on parklands.The National Park Service supports non-consumptive, non-impacting educational activities that use observation, photography, art, writing, and mapping. Many park programs include action-oriented, hands-on activities that allow kids to have fun while they're learning.



Resource Education Sites

Cave & Karst

Cave Education Learn more »

Junior Cave Scientist


paleontology education Learn more »

Junior Paleontologist

Earth Science Concepts

Geologic Time

Geologic Time Learn more »

Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics Learn more »

Rocks and Minerals

Rocks and Minerals Learn More »

Geology by Region

Regional Geology In development »


Geology by Region Coming soon »




Teaching Resources

Geologic Illustrations

geologic illustrations Learn more »

Geology by Park

report covers Learn more »

Classroom Posters

classroom poster Learn more »

Park Maps

geologic map Learn more »

Cave and Karst Photos

cave and karst photos Learn more »

Paleontology Photos

paleontology photos Learn more »

LearnGeo Activities

LearnGeo Activities Learn more »

Interactive Websites—Views of the National Parks


Views glaciers screen Learn more »


Views volcanism screen Learn more »

Coastal Geology

Views coastal geology screen Learn more »


Views storms screen Learn more »

Caves and Karst

Views caves and karst screen Learn more »


Views paleontology screen Learn more »

Geologic Time

Views geologic time screen Learn more »


Related Sites

National Fossil Day

National Fossil Day coin

The National Park Service and the American Geological Institute host National Fossil Day each October during Earth Science Week. National Fossil Day is a celebration organized to promote public awareness and stewardship of fossils, as well as to foster a greater appreciation of their scientific and educational value. Learn more...

NPS Education Portal

teaching in a park

This site hosts a growing collection of educational resources from throughout the National Park Service can be found on this searchable site created for teachers. Includes Parks as Classroms, professional development, and distance learning information. Learn more...

Park Interpretive Training Manuals

Park interpreter talking to a group of visitors

How best can teachers and interpreters make park geology relevant and enagaging? A group of geology communications graduate students at Oregon State University working under Dr. Bob Lillie have prepared interpretive training manuals that help educators make connections with their audiences. Learn more...

Premier Geologic Sites


The best geologist is the one who has seen the most rocks. Explore America's geologic heritage through a tour of premier geologic parks and superlative sites. These memorable sites are too big for any museum and too beautiful to miss. Learn more...

Soils Education - USDA—NRCS

student studying soil microorganisms

The Natural Resource Conservation Service's Soil Education site offers interesting and fun activities to build a greater appreciation of the value of soil. NRCS is working with the NPS to map and interpret wildland soils in the national parks. Learn more...


webranger logo

WebRangers is the on-line extension of the popular NPS Junior Ranger program. WebRangers offers interactive educational activities for youth to do in the classroom or at home— anytime the park is just too far away to visit in person. Learn more...

Classic Web Resources - these websites are old but useful; they are no longer maintained and will be replaced as new/updated sites come on-line.

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Harold (Hal) PrangerHarold (Hal) Pranger
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