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photo of Earthquakes and Eruptions CD-rom

Earthquakes and Eruptions
Smithsonian Institution
Global Volcanism Program
Digital Information Series, GVP-2
Alan Jones, Lee Siebert, Paul Kimberly, and James F. Luhr
Windows 95/98/NT

This CD contains four informative interactive programs which are all based on global scale datasets for earthqhakes and volcanic eruptions compiled since 1960. The four programs are titled; Earthquakes Through Time, Eruptions Through Time, Smithsonian Exhibit Version, and Seismic Waves. Each of these learning experiences include detailed maps and photogalleries accompanied by descriptive text that enhances the visual display. This CD-Rom dramatically illustrates the power of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

photo of Geologic Road, Trail, and Lake Guides to Utah's Parks and Monuments CD-rom

Geologic Road, Trail, and Lake Guides to Utah's Parks and Monuments
Utah Geological Association Millennium Tours
Anderson, P. B., and D. A. Sprinkel, editors.,
UGA Publication 29. ISBN 0-9702571-1-2

This compact disc contains road, trail, and lake logs that serve as geologic guides through most of Utahs' parks. The CD-ROM provides general descriptions of each park's geology and detailed descriptions of many geologic features at selected stops. The guides are intended for any park visitor interested in geology, as well as geologists, teachers, and students.

photo of Explore Education CD Series

Explore Educational CD Series
Geologic Society of America

Each of the discs in this compact disc series provides full teacher notes, reproducible student activities, and suggested answers in pdf format, these teaching tools are complemented by fantastic images and diagrams to enhance learning in the classroom. Topics addressed by this series so far include climate change, deep time, plate tectoincs, silicate minerals, volcanoes, and geologic cross sections. These resources have been diveloped by school teachers and the materials are curriculum linked to the Earth and Space Science and Science in Personal and Social Perspectives standards (Grades 5-8, 9-12)

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