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Workshop Overview

Yellowstone Falls
Lower Yellowstone Falls, forms a memorable part of the experience for many visitors to Yellowstone National Park. NPS photo by A. Mebane.

America's Geologic Heritage Workshop
March, 2013

An invitational workshop is being hosted by the U.S. National Committee for the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) and is being sponsored by the Geological Society of America (GSA), the American Geosciences Institute (AGI), the Colorado Geological Survey (CGS), the U.S. National Park Service (NPS), and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

[This webpage is being updated to share the official record, presentations, and products of the workshop with everyone.]

Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of the workshop are to begin a dialogue of key principles and concepts of America's geologic heritage; promote collaboration relative to geologic heritage and conservation in the United States; share experiences and best practices; increase awareness and relevancy of global geologic heritage concepts; and improve the flow of information between organizations and stakeholders interested and invested in U.S. geologic heritage.

Key discussion topics at the workshop will include:

  • Principles of geological heritage which enable the identification of iconic geologic features/sites within the American landscape and that inspire public and scientific interest;
  • Types of site designations and management and protection strategies within parks, monuments, forests, seashores, refuges, public lands, non-federal lands, landmarks, museums, etc.;
  • Values, both societal and scientific, of geologic heritage within the United States including museums and collections;
  • Public education and interpretation of America's geological heritage; and
  • Networks, partnerships and best practices for cooperation of better conservation / science / resource management / protection / stewardship of our geological heritage on a national scale.



[Links to presentations are provided in the schedule below]

Monday Morning, March 18, 2013


  • Wesley Hill, Lisa Norby (facilitator)

Objectives & Outcomes for the Workshop

  • Tom Casadevall, US Geological Survey
  • Pat Leahy, American Geosciences Institute

The Global Geoheritage Movement, The Big Picture of Conservation

  • Tim Badman, International Union for Conservation of Nature, Director of World Heritage (Switzerland) [PDF - 5.34MB]

Principles of a National Geoheritage Program

  • Jose Brilha, ProGeo & Springer Geoheritage Journal (Portugal) [PDF - 2.9MB]

Status of Geologic Heritage in the U.S.

Monday Afternoon, March 18, 2013

Theme Session: Values & Relevance

  • Coordinator: Vince Matthews, Colorado Geological Survey/Assoc. of American State Geologists
  • Geologic heritage slide show - Vincent Santucci
  • Card Sort [PDF - 30KB]
  • Case study - Steve Semken, AZ State University [PDF - 3.14MB]
  • Case study - Vince Matthews, Colorado Geological Survey / Assoc. of American State Geologists [PDF - 3.06MB]
  • Group Discussion

Theme Session: Inventory & Assessment

  • Coordinator: Bruce Heise, US National Park Service
  • Case study - Tim Connors, US National Park Service [PDF - 6.18MB]
  • Case study - Melody Holm US Forest Service
  • Case study - Herb Meyer, US National Park Service [PDF - 2.92MB]
  • Case study - Lenore Bates, Colorado Scenic Byways [PDF - 546KB]
  • Case study - Harley Armstrong, US Bureau of Land Management [PDF - 618KB]
  • NPS/USGS Partnership - Bruce Heise, US National Park Service
  • Group Discussion

Tuesday Morning, March 19, 2013

Welcome and recap from Monday - Lisa Norby

Theme Session: Sustainability & Stewardship

  • Coordinator: Stan Finney, CA State University, Long Beach
  • Case study - Stan Finney, CA State University [PDF - 15.83MB]
  • Case study - Ken Mabery, US National Park Service [PDF - 140KB]
  • Case study - Peter Frenzen, US Forest Service [PDF - 2.29MB]
  • Case study - Melissa Smeins, US Bureau of Land Management [PDF - 1.1MB]
  • Case study - Heather Germaine, US National Natural Landmarks Program [PDF - 2.12MB]
  • Group Discussion

Theme Session: Museums & Collections

  • Coordinator: Jim Webster, American Museum of Natural History
  • Case study - Jim Webster, American Museum of Natural History [PDF - 1.94MB]
  • Case study - Ian Miller, Denver Museum of Nature and Science
  • Case study - Martin Lockley, University of Colorado, Denver [PDF - 3.13MB]
  • Case study - Greg McDonald, US National Park Service [PDF - 2.36MB]
  • Group Discussion

Tuesday Afternoon, March 19, 2013

Theme Session: Education & Outreach

  • Coordinator: Ann Benbow, American Geosciences Institute
  • Case study - Ann Benbow, American Geosciences Institute [PDF - 306KB]
  • Case study - Bill Rose & Erika Vye, MI Technological University [PDF - 3.65MB]
  • Case study - Dave Mogk, MT State University [PDF - 1.80MB]
  • Case study - Carolyn Driedger, US Geological Survey [PDF - 1.56MB]
  • Case study - Jane Mannon, Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mining Company [PDF - 1.9MB]
  • Group Discussion

Conclusion Panel - The Big Picture

  • Wesley Hill
  • Pat Leahy
  • Tim Badman
  • Wendy Harrison

Workshop Wrap-up / Next Steps - Tom Casadevall



The workshop committee, including session chairs, are working to document the meeting. It is expected that we will have a short white paper, talking points, and various articles to post over the next few months. Tom Casadevall is leading the report effort, if you have questions or comments, please email Tom.

[This webpage will be updated to share the official record and products of the workshop with everyone.]

  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (raw notes) [pdf - 78KB]
  • Values card sort activity (raw notes) [PDF - 30KB]

Workshop Logistics

Details on travel and lodging for confirmed participants are available here.


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