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Unit Code Unit Name Network Name Region Name Map Status Scope Status Fiscal Year Revised Year Notes [-] ImageunitAbbrv
CHIS Channel Islands National Park Mediterranean Coast Network Pacific West Region Waiting On Someone Else yes 2017 2017 2017-0713: Sadly, we just received an update from the USGS map authors (update requested by Jim) that wasn't good news. Initially we were told we'd have data and maps in late June to July. Now we're told we'll receive the first two island maps in mid-August, another two mid-September and the final map sometime in the winter! As we have an older map completed that covers the last island map (San Miguel) we'll make a push to get all maps we have done before September 30th for a GPRA, and then complete the last map when it comes in. Jim, along with Chase and Dalton, have digitized and QCd three older geologic to bedrock maps that will be a part of our deliverables to the park._____2015-0924: as per Heise email: CHIS - USGS continues to make progress there, as far as I know still on schedule for late 2016 delivery. No additional $ needed.___2013-1210: backing out to 2015 for now……..2012-0717: MEDN call on CHIS reveals that n USGS Muhs, Minor and Schumann are remapping all islands over next few years…..2011-0202: have bedrock geology for 3/5 islands from weaver stuff (not anacapa and santa barbara); park wants surficial of all 5 isles but no funding source identified…..proposed USGS 2011 funding….approval unknown..….backing down to 2013 at earliest…….2010-0315: Georef'd images to NGS benchmarks, some difficulties. Placed them in: Z:\GRE\gis_nps\_by_gmap_id\ _staging\chis; 2010-0312: Phil Reiker looking at gmaps for 3 of the islands to digitize (Santa Rosa; 75156, San Miguel; 75157, and Santa Cruz; 75158); need to georeference to bench marks, and still need Anacapa and Santa Barbara to complete park though…. 2009-1203: have several CHIS gmaps to sort thru and evaluate in folder Z:\gis-nps\_by_gmap_id\CHIS_muhs…..2008-0922: need Greg Mack mapping plan Image CHIS NP
LIRI Little River Canyon National Preserve Cumberland Piedmont Network Southeast Region Waiting On Someone Else yes 2017 2017 2015-0924: from Heise email: Phase 1 of mapping there by Auburn and the Alabama Survey under new agreement. More $ will need to be added either in FY16 or 17, won't see a final product until 17 or 18 2014-0414: should reach out to Memphis state for interest in mapping this area……..2013-1210: backing out to 2015 for now……..2013-1125: Ed Osborn responded but says no new information or mapping by Dorothy Raymond in LIRI area or splitting of Pottsville Fm…..2013-1118: Connors sent email to Ed Osborne (AL GS) to inquire about any potential new activities in LIRI area….awaiting responses……2011-0202: requires NPS funding likely to get GRI completed…no plan in place yet either so EST for 2014…..2010-0901: sent status request to Ed Osborne (AL GS) on 7.5' mapping for Dugout Valley, Valley Head ,and Fort Payne…. Awaiting response; also need update from Kelly Gregg on his project too…..2010-0113: Kelly Gregg sent GRI proposal to map some portions; Bruce funded. Awaiting deliverable and need to consult with Ed Osbourne (AL GS) on other mapping expected….. Image LIRI NPRES
MNRR Missouri National Recreational River Northern Great Plains Network Midwest Region Waiting On Someone Else yes 2017 2017 2016-1025: 59 mile due June 30, 2017 from USGS____ 39 mile from Nebraska Matt Joeckel____2015-0924: as per Heise email: MNRR - USGS work on lower stretch done, but never delivered. Won't invest any additional funds with them for the upper stretch. Need meeting with SD and NE state surveys on possible costs and time frames to complete it. .___2013-1210: backing out to 2015 for now……..2013-1205: had call with NE GS and discovered pubs for Lynch, Marty, Verdel, Gross, Naper 7.5's covering Nebraska side of quads……2011-0202: Bruce Heise says Scott Lundstrom will deliver lower reach in 2012 but don't have mapping plan for rest….est 2014 for full park……2009-0909: awaiting mapping from Scott Lundstrom (USGS)……… Image
NIOB Niobrara National Scenic River Northern Great Plains Network Midwest Region Waiting On Someone Else yes 2017 2017 2017-0713: Still expecting this one, was to arrive June 30th!____2016-1025: due 2017-0630 from USGS___2016-0216: Scott Lundstrum working on it…2015-0924: as per Heise email: NIOB - USGS wrapping up, need a completion date from them, no additional $ needed______2013-1210: backing out to 2015 for now……..2011-0202: Margaret berry usgs project underway now…..2009-0909: awaiting mapping from USGS (Scott Lundstrom)….. Image NIOB NSR
SACN Saint Croix National Scenic River Great Lakes Network Midwest Region Waiting On Someone Else yes 2017 2017 2017-0105: received GMAP 76097 from WI GS Eric Carson for conversion_____2015-0924: from Heise email: SACN - new agreement with WGS to complete surficial mapping. Phase 2 will complete the bedrock. Again, a 2017 completion.___2014-0414: need to reasses what we've received and redo map based upon showing counties….2013-1210: backing out to 2015 for now……..2013-1202: received GIS files for Pierce(GMAP 75426) -St. Croix (GMAP 75427) bedrock and St. Croix Quaternary (GMAP 75428) from WI GS folks for GRI conversion…. 2013-1126: call with USGS folks on their mid-continent rift bedrock map at 100k…..Connie Dickens and Suzanne Nicholson…likely thru USGS technical review summer 2013..2013-1114: awaiting data from Wisconsin GS folks for Polk, Pierce, and St. Croix county for starters as per email request…..2013-1101: Jamie Robertson (WI GS) gave us some info. On updated county maps we may be able to utilize for SACN GRI map……..2013-0501: backed out to 2014;….2011-0131: backing est map completion date to 2013 based upon not having mapping plan in place ………2010-0907: 42 intersecting qoi's; lots of others tho too (199 total)……no complete coverage for bedorkc or surficial at this point…..lots of WI holes….mid continent rift map may fill some of the gaps here…..USGS working on that map….2010-0719: will be scoped this week; hope for good mapping plan, …..2010-0603: have digital surficial 100k for Minnesota side for Stillwater, Anaka, Hastings, and Saint Paul 30x60s from MNGS ftp site; needs evaluated for bedrock portion of these. Have Rice Lake 1x2 (GMAP 115369) for some bedrock in WI nad GMAP 70276 for portions of Solon Springs and Sandstone 30x60 areas, but pretty coarse………2008-0909: guesstimating FY 2012 mapping completion solely based upon FY 2010 scoping and assumed 2 year lag time Image SACN NSR
UPDE Upper Delaware National Scenic and Recreation River Eastern Rivers and Mountains Network Northeast Region Waiting On Someone Else yes 2018 2018 2015-0924: from Heise email: UPDE - new agreement with NYGS (and what a nightmare). But Phase 1 in place for mapping the northern quads on the NY side (Hancock, Fishs Eddy, Long Eddy, Callicoon, Damascus, Narrowsburg). More $ for Phase 2 to complete, I think 2017 at the earliest.___2014-1218: NYGS has 15's; Hancock, Fishs Eddy, Long Eddy, Calicoon, Damascus as phase 1; phase 2 lower…….GRI call with NYGS, UPDE and ERMN____upper delaware council interested in geology here according to Kris Heister____2014-0414: backing out to 2015 for now…..2014-0219; heise had call with park who desires more NY side surficial; possibly via duane Braun who did PA side…. Needs followup…2013-0501: backed out to 2014;…..2011-0208: moving back to 2015 and "not started"; don't know anyone at NYGS and need new contacts to try to acquire data unpub;d and 24k scale….stay tuned….2010-1115: changed to "CBS,NGC" to reflect work that can be done converting PAGS stuff….2010-0928: UPDE is multi-states (PA-NY); have some pub'd and preliminary surficial for several PA side quadrangles, and verbal from NYGS (Kozlowski) on prelimnary surficial for a few quasds too…need to acquire what we can from NYGS to evaluate….2010-0127: Tim received this information from Andrew Kozlowski…..Tim sorry for the delay here is the status of the requested quads. Okay, here's what we have: Fishs Eddy - Complete Hancock - Partial Callicoon - Partial Long Eddy - Complete (NY) Lake Como - Complete (NY) Damascus - Complete (NY) Eldred - NA Narrowsburg - Complete (NY) Port Jervis North - Partial Pond Eddy - Complete (NY) Shohola - Complete (NY) Rowland - NA2010-0114: Tim awaiting reply from NYGS Andy Kozloswksi on status of unpub'd of's in UPDE area…stay tuned…… Jim Chappell has assessed PA portion thoroughly too…..hope to add to FY 2010 queue….2009-0910: moved back to not started status because of NY holes in cvoerage……2008-0227: enough to start (?); Tim supplied Steph with all source maps who passed onto Jim Chappell. Should always check with NYGS, PAGS, and NJGS before starting though for their latest and greatest maps of the area of interest as they're constantly updating. Tim sent Bill Kelley (NYGS) note, but no response yet on NY 7.5' geologic mapping of the areack Image
YUCH Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve Central Alaska Network Alaska Region Waiting On Someone Else yes 2017 2017 2015-0924: as per Heise email: waiting on USGS state map completion, will continue to provide ASC with $20k - $30k per year to cover some of Ric Wilson's time and keep them prioritizing the Alaska park units___2014-0414: will try to use AK state map to fill this when it becomes available….back out to 2015 based upon karpilo workload….2013-1121: Ric Wilson says YUCH is part of statemap and will be done soon Spring 2014)…..2011-0202: Ric Wilson says USGS new map in 2013 so GRI completion in 2014 est…..2009-0923: Ric says YUCH area needs better mapping…….2007-0918: awaiting filling of AK position; think we'll use Charley River (GMAP 74503), Circle (GMAP 74504), but need updates on best digital pubs for Eagle (GMAP 3034) and Big Delta (GMAP 7380) Image YUCH NPRES

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