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Unit Code Unit Name Network Name Region Name Map Status Scope Status Fiscal Year Revised Year Notes [-] Image
ACAD Acadia National Park Northeast Temperate Network Northeast Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2003 2015 2014-1208: need to identify missing gaps and plan to fill; also migrate older data forward___2008-0618: Melanie Ransmeier says from scoping that much more needs addded in to park to make map complete.  need write up from her on this . 2006-0802: Tim moved gmap folders for 1166 & 1167 to Z:\GIS\park_data\acad\gmap_id compiled map Image
AGFO Agate Fossil Beds National Monument Northern Great Plains Network Midwest Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2005 2016 2013-1206: found published quad for Whistle Creek NW (GMAP 75781) 7.5' and reference to full Agate 7.5' that need incorporated into AGFO map…no downloads for Agate 7.5' though; needs pursued……have 2008-0630: need to follow up with Bob Hunt to see if full quads ever published for AGFO area of interest following from 2003 scoping and NE statemap stuff. 2006-0802: Tim moved gmap folder for 1313 to Z:\GIS\park_data\agfo\gmap_id Image
APPA Appalachian National Scenic Trail Northeast Temperate Network Southeast Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2017 2018 2017-0918: counting as GPRA complete for now based on index map compilation___need to address in "2.0"___2017-0713: Index and "Frankenmaps" (1.0 deliverables) seeing significant progress from Georgia and Jim's efforts. Expecting this later in the fiscal year, but we're still waiting on New York and Maine to provide information._____2015-0924: as per Heise email: APPA - new supt and resource manager. Need to scope to pull together map plan. Scoping meeting there big priority for FY16 after failed efforts in 14 and 15.______2013-1210: backing out to 2015 for now……..MULTI-STATE ISSUES…….2010-1006: Bruce Heise meeting preliminary with APPA staff to develop approach for GRI completion….need his update….. Image
ARCH Arches National Park Northern Colorado Plateau Network Intermountain Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2000 2016 2015-0529: update from steph from DMT: The UGS now has 24k (7.5' quadrangle) maps for all of ARCH save the small portions of the park in the Cisco SW quadrangle. The present GRI map is from the Doelling 1985 50k scale map. Grant mentioned they've addressed more than a few issues with the Doelling map. The digital data we used is also problematic in that it was poorly digitized (from a digitizing tablet by the NPS Southeast Utah Group), and only contacts were initially captured, thus leading to issues of contacts and faults not connecting as they should. I've asked Grant and Kent if they have data for the Cisco SW quad, as well as for the Rill Creek quad as this would give us complete coverage of the park and surrounding area. A possible project for next FY when we don't have GPRA work and we have available resources!2011-1206: updated map snapshot……2010-0115: should revisit potential to use latest 24k mapping……completed and posted Image
ASIS Assateague Island National Seashore Northeast Coastal and Barrier Network Northeast Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2009 2017 2015-1008: psuty updates ??_____2014-1208: anticipating updates from Norb Psuty___2012-0821: need updates from David Krantz to his mapping to "update" this park……2011-0420: steph says should be "updated" very soon….2010-0203: Courtney Shupp would like some additional maps of David Krantz converted from image formats to GIS if possible; GRI will add to workplan. Need specific GMAP list though (75061 ??)…..2008-1015: have USGS of-2007-1338 (GMAP 75016) of geomorph; think we should convert this and GPRA count it. 2008-0103: need plan from scoping summary, but understand GRE awaiting delivery of product from David Krantz (U Toledo) by end of FY-2008; assuming it will be digital Image
BEOL Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site Southern Plains Network Intermountain Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 1999 2015 2013-0626: want to supply more geologic maps of the area for context;GMAP 14 of Lamar 1x2 helps somewhat………..completed and posted; need to resolve initial year for 1999 or 2000 Image
CABR Cabrillo National Monument Mediterranean Coast Network Pacific West Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2009 2016 2015-1201: new citation for San Diego 30x60 needs verified as being incorporated into existing GRI Map_____2009-0707: posted and completed. 2009-0527: Karpilo has this conversion project in progress; hope to present at ESRI 2009. 2008-1030: had pseudo kickoff call with Mack, Davis, Karpilo, Connors; need to acquire San Diego 30x60 2008 data and check against 2005; also need to get CABR staff desired maximum mapping extent shapefiles; Davis will follow up on this. Karpilo will try to acquire digital files from CAGS. 2008-0922: need Greg Mack mapping plan from scoping summary Image
CALO Cape Lookout National Seashore Southeast Coast Network Southeast Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2008 2015 2015-0311: update from Stephanie O'Meara: __Hi All, Upon or near the completion release of the detailed geomorphic data for CALO that was done by Stan and Dorethea (ECU) I noticed the GIS data for the Portsmouth ro Cricket Island map (GRI MapCode PMCI) was "way off" positionally/geospatially. I contacted Dorethea whom I'd been working with for these maps and she was unaware of the issue. She was also "unable" to resolve or fix this as she didn't know how to check, resolve and/or "rubber-sheet" the data to correctly positioned imagery. I concluded the imagery they mapped from wasn't correct, and they just went with only that. From my database notes, "will not be released as the positional accuracy of the GIS data is way off (> 220m) and can't be improved (pers. comm. with Dorethea Ames 20090115) As the PMCI map is a part of the compiled park detailed geomorphic map (GRI MapCode CALG) this map was also affected. In working with Dorethea there was a lot the we/I fixed in their mapping. However, this was mainly differences in units and unit symbols in their report versus what was in the GIS data. Basically, there were units in their GIS data that had no mention in the report and vice versa. Dorethea explained that this was due to repeated changes to interpretation of units (mainly by Stan) and often these changes were not made to the GIS data. To fix the spatial issue here would require attempting to match their dated imagery to accurate imagery of the same year. Looking at ESRI imagery today, that I'm assuming is more recent than 2008, one can certainly see how "off" features are. However, as this is such a dynamic environment you'd expect to see some "change". However, as I noted 220m+ of offset back in 2008 with imagery close to the dated imagery they used I'm sure features are "off". So, how to proceed? Well, I never heard back from Dorethea, but then I also didn't follow up. Any fix really needs to come from ECU and Dorethea. Its an issue with their GIS data, and what imagery they produced their GIS data from. I think we could possibly help, but then I'd think I would have offered help back in 2008. /ugh This does need to be resolved! I'll contact Dorethea and ask her if anything has been done to correct the data for this one map. Cheers, Stephanie____ 2008-0924: completed and posted; some issues with ECU data lining up properly; needs resolved 2008-0115: received new cd-rom from Stan Riggs dated 2007-1227; contains 3 detailed inset maps for CALO (Portsmouth to Cricket Island; Drum Inlets; Hogpen Bay to Cape Lookout; GMAP 74876). Also have more generalized NCGS on entire CALO too to supplement Riggs finer detail as GMAPs 74878-74883; all are GIS files needing converted. Image
CEBR Cedar Breaks National Monument Northern Colorado Plateau Network Intermountain Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2002 2017 2014-1208: need to incorporate new 7.5's finished since GRI product for Brian head and Navajo Lake 7.5's_____2014-0210: received Brian Head 7.5' quadr for updating CEBR dataset……… Image
CHIR Chiricahua National Monument Sonoran Desert Network Intermountain Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2004 2017 2017-0217: GMAP 76102 to evaluate for incorporation (Z:\gis-nps\_by_gmap_id\76102_CHIR_Surficial) 2011-0420: steph says updated….2010-1021: update in progress….completed and posted Image
CHIS Channel Islands National Park Mediterranean Coast Network Pacific West Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2017 2017 2017-0928: GPRA completed and posted…still awaiting more USGS data though…….___2017-0918: just received Santa Barbara island (GMAP 76114; Anacapa (GMAP 76115); Santa Rosa (GMAP 76116) from USGS for GRI conversion____2017-0713: Sadly, we just received an update from the USGS map authors (update requested by Jim) that wasn't good news. Initially we were told we'd have data and maps in late June to July. Now we're told we'll receive the first two island maps in mid-August, another two mid-September and the final map sometime in the winter! As we have an older map completed that covers the last island map (San Miguel) we'll make a push to get all maps we have done before September 30th for a GPRA, and then complete the last map when it comes in. Jim, along with Chase and Dalton, have digitized and QCd three older geologic to bedrock maps that will be a part of our deliverables to the park._____2015-0924: as per Heise email: CHIS - USGS continues to make progress there, as far as I know still on schedule for late 2016 delivery. No additional $ needed.___2013-1210: backing out to 2015 for now……..2012-0717: MEDN call on CHIS reveals that n USGS Muhs, Minor and Schumann are remapping all islands over next few years…..2011-0202: have bedrock geology for 3/5 islands from weaver stuff (not anacapa and santa barbara); park wants surficial of all 5 isles but no funding source identified…..proposed USGS 2011 funding….approval unknown..….backing down to 2013 at earliest…….2010-0315: Georef'd images to NGS benchmarks, some difficulties. Placed them in: Z:\GRE\gis_nps\_by_gmap_id\ _staging\chis; 2010-0312: Phil Reiker looking at gmaps for 3 of the islands to digitize (Santa Rosa; 75156, San Miguel; 75157, and Santa Cruz; 75158); need to georeference to bench marks, and still need Anacapa and Santa Barbara to complete park though…. 2009-1203: have several CHIS gmaps to sort thru and evaluate in folder Z:\gis-nps\_by_gmap_id\CHIS_muhs…..2008-0922: need Greg Mack mapping plan Image
DENA Denali National Park Central Alaska Network Alaska Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2006 2017 2016-1025: haven't done anything with Wrucke map to date; should consult with DENA denny capps on his priorities for park map…..2014-1208: updating McKinley 1x3 map by Chet Wrucke….2010-0907: complete and updated2010-0115: Jim Chappell has migrated much fwd and hopes to have done by late January…..2009-1211: Trista asks if we know about MS map that Haessler mentions: I am working through the technical reviews of the DENA GRI report. Peter Haeussler (USGS) suggests we include the following map reference in our digital geologic map: Bemis, Sean, 2004, Neotectonic framework of the north-central Alaska Range foothills: M.Sci thesis, University of Alaska Fairbanks, 153 pp. Another version of this appears in Bemis and Wallace, 2008, AGU monograph 179. According to Peter: "Their mapping changes quite a few features. For example, the north vergent thrust faults along the park road, and interpreted by Bemis as backthrusts (south-vergent thrusts). I think Bemis interpretation of these features is much better than previous mapping."2009-1109: were issues with map and unit tables that can be improved; Jim Chappell would like to upgrade this project based upon lessons learned from converting other AK GRI parks……2006-0822: lots of problems with "download" file projections and naming confusion: "DENAxxx" is the compiled larger scale maps; "DNLIxxx" are the 6-250k sheets, but they don't project properly at all because of UTM zone issues. THESE NEED TO BE ADDRESSED AND FIXED ASAP. Was "estimated" complete by end FY2005 bu really occurred in 2006 Image
DEPO Devils Postpile National Monument Sierra Nevada Network Pacific West Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2005 2017 2016-1026: use new USGS pp-1812 to update DEPO___2014-1208: hoping more new Wes Hildreth map of area to update___2012-0821: changing to 2013…..2011-1103: expecting some new mapping from USGS Wes Hildredth to update DEPO…..checking with JAKE on progress……2010-1122: likely need to revisit the map used for GRI; we used GQ-437 (DEPO 15'), but likely need to also use 1989 Long Valley caldera map by USGS (i-1933; gmap 3373) as it breaks out volcanics more. Also, USGS volcano hazards is redoing mapping in the area as well. Connors and Heise will discuss plan in call 11/23 with DEPO staff Image
FOVA Fort Vancouver National Historic Site North Coast and Cascades Network Pacific West Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2011 2017 2017-0223: found new GMAP 76103 to assess for GRI incorporation_____2011-0929: completed and posted……2011-0921: having kickoff call with Mack…..2011-0908: received zip file from Charlie Cannon for FOVA map w GDB, pdf etc that needs analyzed by GRI staff but likely can be started……2011-0202: Heise has call into Cannon for update; will keep as 2011 EST….2010-0503: Connors and Heise had call with Charlie Cannon to map 3 or 4 units within the park proper under guide of Jim O'Connor……hope for delivery in FY2010; see emails on topic…..2009-1109: may be candidate for FY2010 completion depending upon release of mapping plan in scoping summary…….2009-1015: scoped this week; assume we're waiting on others for deliverables but need scoping summary from Greg Mack……..2009-0930: only the Vancouver and Portland 7.5s intersect park, so likely only get mapping for those….. Image
GAAR Gates Of The Arctic National Park Arctic Network Alaska Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2013 2015 2013-1121: maybe use Southern Brooks Range and Koyukuk for bedrock portrayal……2013-0906: completed and posted surficial……2012-0904: GAAR surficial GIS posted as E00s and such for conversion….needs assessed by Ron Karpiol but changing to can be started status…..2012-0404: found on ngmdb and has website but no GIS yet, just PDF….2012-0228: GRI received paper copy of SIM-3125 for GAAR surficial, but it's not yet in NGMDB or online…hope to get GIS files for conversion soon……2011-0202: Ric Wilson says expect USGS delivery for GRI completion in 2012………2008-0103: Philip Smith Mts (2560, 2567), Chandler Lake (2568, 2564), Killik River (2550, 2563), Chandalar (2558, 2566), Wiseman (22930, 2565), Survey Pass (3047, 2562), Ambler River (3044, 2561), Hughes (74506, 54627) `1x3's intersected. Needs sorted out and summarized still Image
GLBA Glacier Bay National Park Southeast Alaska Network Alaska Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2012 2015 2014-0414: awaiting USGS release of Dave Brew's bedrock GLBA map for GRI conversion........will back out to 2015 update......2013-1121: Ric Wilson says he has GLBA digital files now from Dave Brew……2012-0824: completed and posted for SURFICIAlL….still desire bedrock from USGS for total completion thouht….2012-0416: received GLBA surficial from Richard Becker for conversion…..needs assessed and assigned…..have as GDB file2011-0202: expect USGS delivery late 2011 so GRI completion maybe in 2012………2010-1215: GRI scanned paper copies of what Dave Brew sent us to review; saved as GMAP 75482; Heise sending docs to GLBA for internal review too…..2010-1108: dave brew says almost into internal usgs review…….2009-0818: from Dave Brew (USGS); Thanks for your message of August 12. The answer is that the estimated date for completion of the map as a USGS product is still fuzzy. If I were to guess, I would say sometime about a year from now. We are still dealing with obtaining and integrating both the topographic base and the geology from the "areas of interest" that were requested to be added to the map. I expect to have that part completed within a few weeks, but the topo base for the British Columbia part is still iffy. Then come two USGS internal peer reviews. I have the reviewers identified, but I can't predict how quickly they will complete their task. Then comes a series of approvals: One from the USGS Office Chief in Anchorage; then one from the USGS Alaska Science Center Director in Anchorage; then finally one from the USGS Director's agent in Menlo Park………. Image
GOGA Golden Gate National Recreation Area San Francisco Bay Area Network Pacific West Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2009 2016 2014-0506: GRI report call for GOGA reveals new offshore mapping from USGS Sam Johnson; see email on this topic….Also Chris Wills mentions that the landslide mapping is updating Quaternary mapping over Russ Graymers 62.5k mapping that we used….need to keep checking up on this for progress……2008-1015; held kickoff call to discuss mapping plan; 2008-0626: FROM MAPPING PORTION OF SCOPING SUMMARY.For the northern part of Golden Gate National Recreation Area, GRE staff is considering the following maps for inclusion into the final digital map product: Blake, M. C., R. W. Graymer, D. L. Jones, and A. Soule. 2000. Geologic map and map database of parts of Marin, San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, and Sonoma counties, California. Scale 1:75,000. Miscellaneous Field Studies Map MF-2337. Reston, VA: U.S. Geological Survey [GMAP 2526]. Wagner, D. L., C. I. Gutierrez, and K. B. Clahan. 2006. Geologic map of the south half of the Napa 30' × 60' quadrangle, California. Scale 1:100,000. Sacramento, CA: California Geological Survey [GMAP 74823]. For the San Francisco north 7.5-minute quadrangle, GRE staff is considering the following maps for inclusion into the final digital map product: Bonilla, M. G. 1961. Bedrock-surface map of the San Francisco north quadrangle, California. Scale 1:31,680. Miscellaneous Field Studies Map MF-334. Reston, VA: U.S. Geological Survey. Schlocker, J. 1974. Geology of the San Francisco north quadrangle, California. Scale 1:24,000. Professional Paper 782. Reston, VA: U.S. Geological Survey [GMAP 2619]. Schlocker, J., M. G. Bonilla, and D. H. Radbruch. 1958. Geology of the San Francisco north quadrangle, California. Scale 1:24,000. Miscellaneous Geologic Investigations Map I-272. Reston, VA: U.S. Geological Survey [GMAP 2522]. For the area south of and including the San Francisco south 7.5-minute quadrangle, GRE staff is considering the following maps for inclusion into the final digital map product: Bonilla, M. G. 1998. Preliminary geologic map of the San Francisco South 7.5' quadrangle and part of the Hunters Point 7.5' quadrangle, San Francisco Bay area, California: A digital database. Scale 1:24,000. Open-File Report OF-98-354. Reston, VA: U.S. Geological Survey [GMAP 2617]. Brabb, E. E., R. W. Graymer, and D. L. Jones. 1998. Geology of the onshore part of San Mateo County, California: A digital database. Scale 1:62,500. Open-File Report OF-98-137. Reston, VA: U.S. Geological Survey [GMAP 21899]. Brabb, E. E., R. W. Graymer, D. L. and Jones. 2000. Geologic map and map database of the Palo Alto 30' × 60' quadrangle, California. Scale 1:100,000. Miscellaneous Field Studies Map MF-2332. Reston, VA: U.S. Geological Survey [GMAP 28446]. Pampeyan, E. H. 1994. Geologic map of the Montara Mountain and San Mateo 7.5' quadrangles, San Mateo County, California. Scale 1:24,000. Miscellaneous Investigations Map I-2390. Reston, VA: U.S. Geological Survey [GMAP 4100]. For the offshore portions of the national recreation area, see the discussion under “Coastal and Marine Features and Processes.” 2007-1004: GOGA-FOPO-MUWO all will have same plan; follow from what comes from scoping meeting, but think we may have enough to begin. Using mostly USGS digital products to convert, but will also have a few new digitizing projects of large-scale dedicated 7.5's as per SFAN staff requests. These included Montarra Mountain, San Francisco North, Marin Headlands, Wahrhaftig's Baker Beach, Geology for Planning in Marin County (NEED GMAPs FOR ALL OF THESE) Image
GRSA Great Sand Dunes National Park Rocky Mountain Network Intermountain Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2004 2017 2016-1020: need to incorporate new USGS SIM-3362 by Rich Madole; have GIS from USGS website for conversion____2011-0607: prj files don't seem to be projecting properly; asking steph to review Image
GUMO Guadalupe Mountains National Park Chihuahuan Desert Network Intermountain Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2002 2016 2014-1208: legend issues could be migrated sooner rather than later___2009-1112: GMAP 1216 (USGS pp-215; plate 2) desired by Gorden Bell for incorporation by GRI for GUMO map…..tneed to assign more gmaps from USGS pp-215 and make sure they cited properly…..2008-1119: Gorden Bell requests GRI staff digitize plate 2 from PP-215. 2006-0822: GUMO GLG legend does not fill properly in ArcMap; needs corrected Image
HAFO Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument Upper Columbia Basin Network Pacific West Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2005 2016 2015-0529: updates from Steph dmt: With Louden focusing on getting us the data for CRMO, work on HAFO plus MIIN will be further down the road. As we very likely won't have resources to get this done this FY likely work for next FY.___2014-1208: if HAFO staff submit STAR request for updated mapping, GRI may topshelf this request; awaiting park input for this and adding MIIN____2014-0527: request to remove fossil locality data from IRMA download; will process…..2012-0921: Twin Falls 30x60 (GMAP 75638) appareently has some digital data at 24k of QOI's for HAFO that we may convert; Greg Mack following up on this with ID GS……2010-1116: has few new ID GS quads that should be added to update HAFO area maps…..2007-1210: complete by end FY2005. IDGS has issued new mapping that we should revise and incorporate; GMAPs 74431 (Bliss 7.5'), 74433 (Tuttle 7.5'), 74432 (Hagerman 7.5'); GRE has PDF's; need to request GIS files too Image
JECA Jewel Cave National Monument Northern Great Plains Network Midwest Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2004 2016 2013-0612: need to make sure we updatd with GMAP 75161 (Fagnan) Image
JODA John Day Fossil Beds National Monument Upper Columbia Basin Network Pacific West Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2008 2017 2015-1008: need to get update from JODA___2014-0520: in discussion with Josh Samuels he menitions he has newer mapping for Sheep Rock unit; need to have more discussions on it…..2010-1116: delivered GPRA JODA map but didn't do detailed map for Sheep Rock Unit; Liz Lovelock at JODA interested in having larger scale mapping completed; need to follow up with her on this via conference call; discussed at GSA 2010 with her…..2007-0917: awaiting mapping deliverables from academics for 1/3 JODA units; conference call of 2007-08xx GRE team decided to use Eastern Oregon digital geologic data to finish park more promptly Image
JOTR Joshua Tree National Park Mojave Desert Network Pacific West Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2014 2017 2015-0917: USGS has officially released OF-2015-1175_likely need to compare/contrast to existing dataset to make sure identical___2014-0424: completed and posted…..2013-1106: kickoff call with Mack, O'meara, Connors…..hope to complete before Greg Mack retires……2013-0829: received latest files for GRI conversion for JOTR; needs evaluated and to have assessment and kickoff call……2012-12xx: received preliminary deliverable…….hope to finish in FY 2013…..2011-0202: Bruce says back it out to 2012……2010-0301: from Jon Matti USGS; "Just a quick note to let you know that Bob Powell and I are on schedule with Joshua Tree National Park. As we have discussed, the digital data will be provided you as a USGS Digital data Set (DDS, or whatever they call it now), as an Arc 9.3 Geodatabase with an associated .mxd project file and luuk-up tables. All the Quaternary has been digitized, and we are working on the basement now; we hope to start tagging lines and polygons no later than 30 May. The project is enormous, but we are not daunted. I fully expect to deliver the data to you by 9/30/2010."…..2009-0903: awaiting delivery from USGS probably in FY 2010 (Jon Matti and Bob Powell ) ?.........2007-0917: awaiting USGS release of "blessed" data (Bob Powell, Jon Matti); needs follow-up with USGS by Bruce Heise. Also need to re-search for Dibblee Foundation maps in the area on NGMDB Image
KLGO Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park Southeast Alaska Network Alaska Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2015 2015 2016-0121: likely need to compare / contrast to new AK state map and re-issue if necessary..2015-0904: from Jim Chappell: completed and posted and Just a note about KLGO: I posted this data on the data store as proprietary with internal circulation only until the Alaska state map is published later this year. Jim2015-0805: from Ron Karpilo: Attached are the KLGO Project Charter and Assessment. The project is pretty simple as AK parks go. The project includes the following 63,360 quads: Skagway B-1, B-2, C-2, C-2, and a small part of D-2. The main source of data for this project is the unpublished data for the Skagway 1x3 sheet which will be part of Ric's AK state map. The unit descriptions will come from an unpublished draft of the manuscript that will accompany the AK Statemap. The project also include ARDF point and age date points. See the Project Source Map Table for the sources that need GMAPs.2014-0414: convert from state AK map when is it available……..2013-1121: Ric Wilson says statemap should cover KLGO sufficiently….2013-0425: backed out to 2014…….2012-0925: backed out to 2013…2011-0202: expect USGS delivery late 2011 so early 2012 GRI completion……2010-1115: Dave Brew making progres according to emails to Heise; asked NPS what we want next… SITK or KLGO..need to decide..….2010-0113: during scoping Dave Brew (USGS emeritus) said he has maps nearing completion so awaiting updates from him as to when they are delivered to Ric Wilson; will then convert………. Image
LACL Lake Clark National Park Southwest Alaska Network Alaska Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2010 2017 2013-1127: LACL was GPRA completed with surficial geology as we were waiting upon USGS completion of Lime Hills 1x3…..need to reevaluate how to complete bedrock now and which GMAPs to use to do that….needs discussed……2013-1121: GMAP for Lime Hills now exists and needs converted and incorporated into LACL project …..2010-1001: completed surfical and posted. Still need to complete bedrock….2010-0310: changed to "in progress", can begin bedrock but still awaiting delivery of final surficial from USGS Anchorage office; Ron Karpilo working closely with them on this…2009-0923: bedrock ready, but surficial not finished yet for Ric Wilson and Tom Bundsen…….Page Spencer wants field checked too…2007-0917: awaiting filling of AK position; make sure we have latest greatest (OF-1998-133a, of-2006-1303, etc.); where is latest surficial mapping ?? Image
LAVO Lassen Volcanic National Park Klamath Network Pacific West Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2011 2015 2012-1120: discovered new pubs from USGS on Lassen volcanic center that need evaluated for GRI inclusion and "possible" map updating at,,,,, 2011-0321: completed and posted….2011-0111: held kickoff call with Greg Mack, Stephanie O'Meara and Tim Connors… est. time to take to be 5 weeks……2010-1230: USGS posted; tim downloaded files for conversion from as gmap 7424 to Z:\gis-nps\_by_gmap_id\7424_LAVO\from_usgs_website….2010-0921: Tim spoke with Louise Johnson at LAVO about map; decided to try to arrange call with USGS to determine when it will be released. Likely try to have call early FY2011……2009-1118: Connors left VM for Mike Clynne to ask for update on LAVO project status…….2008-1010: found of-2008-1091 for LAVO geochem referencing a i-2899 in press geologic map; needs follow up with Mike Clynne; awaiting USGS release of "blessed" data (Mike Clynne) since 2000; GRE has paper copies of 6 LAVO intersecting quads for Prospect Peak, West Prospect Peak, Manzanita Lake, Mt Harkness, Reading Peak, Lassen Peak, but no GIS to go with it. GMAP 7424 is compiled LAVO paper map that GRE scanned. Should be in LAVO park file. GMAPs 1017 (Prospect Peak 15') and 1016 (Manzanita Lake 15') could be digitized to give north half of park in worst case scenario. Also need to look into using of-84-224 (GMAPs 1263 & 74841) Image
LYJO Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park Southern Plains Network Intermountain Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2003 2015 2014-0617: needs migrated forward and compiled surficial needs re-evaluated; Connors found some Cretaceous units in it……_____compiled map Image
MORR Morristown National Historical Park Northeast Temperate Network Northeast Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2009 2015 2013-0808: learned of new map from Kenworthy MORR report call for Mendham 7.5' surficial; needs acquired, evaluated, and included into MORR GRI map…….2009-0930: expect to post and complete today for FY 2009….2007-0918: need better scoping summary, but looks like well covered by NJGS unpub'd and pub'd materials. Also park has Rutgers map. Re-read Ron Witte (NJGS) notes to Tim too Image
NOAT Noatak National Preserve Arctic Network Alaska Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2012 2015 2012-0928: surficial completed and posted by Jim Chappell……..2011-0214: not sure which gmaps to use though; only recent new NOAT publication is GMAP 75227, which doesn't have GIS with downloads…….likely need conference call with Ric Wilson to discuss further….2011-0202: Ric Wilson says its ready for GRI to start……… changing status to CBS…2008-0103: Killik River (2550, 2563), Howard Pass (, Misheguk Mt, DeLong Mts, Amberl River, Baird Mts, Noatak 1x3's apply; surficial geology thru USGS review (Howard Pass, Misheguk Mt., DeLong Mts, Ambler River, Baird Mts, Noatak 250 sheets). Needs sorted out and summarized still Image
ORPI Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument Sonoran Desert Network Intermountain Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2010 2017 2015-1008: update surficial ??_____2012-1226: need to call AZGS and see if we will receive any more data; if not, we should go ahead and convert these 3 newer gmaps (75583,75550,75551) for surficial data to upgrade the ORPI map…also ask why they arent' in NGMDB….2012-0821: moving to FY2013 for now….2011-0912:received cd-roms of 3 new maps (GMAPs75550, 75551, and 75583) for various parts of ORPI; needs incorporated into ORPI map…..2011-0419: received 2 new surficial prelim maps from AZGS for Armenta Well-Gunsight (GMAP 75550) and Tillotson Peak-Mt Ajo (GMAP 75549); no GIS yet though. And maps should be pub'd summer 2011 according to Phil Pearthree letter……2010-0423: completed and posted…2010-0211: moved to inprogress post kickoff…….2010-0203: agreed to finalize bedrock and post while awaiting future surficial mapping to enhance… will GPRA complete bedrock and upgrade surficial as it delivers…..via ORPI and SODN requests and wishes….. Would like to see if GMAP 75178 is final and could be incorporated as well; await response from AZGS on that….2009-1202: have GMAP 75178 (tillotson peak 7.5' surficial) to be added to yes maps and need to determine how to best GPRA complete ORPI……2008-0804: just downloaded bedrock ORPI map produced by Northern Arizona University; called it GMAP 75008; needs evaluated by GRE staff. Know we still need surficial mapping from AZGS, but not sure of any deliverable dates or such. Could we GPRA count the bedrock ?? If its' easy to convert ? Image
OZAR Ozark National Scenic Riverways Heartland Network Midwest Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2014 2016 2015-0504: Montauk MO 7.5' just completed by USGS (GMAP 76013)_____2014-0127: completed and posted…….2014-0114: have new GMAP 75805 for compiled OZAR for conversion… individual 24k's later likely…2013-0918: backing out to 2014……2013-0624: Jam Up Cave and Pine Crest 7.5's now released as paper (GMAP 757320; need GIS still……2012-0824: Alley Spring 7.5' (GMAP 75632) posted now too as PDF, no GIS….2011-0914: need heise update from fedmap…2011-0617: email from Dave Weary to Heise says "In the Ozarks, the geology of the Alley Spring quadrangle has Director's approval and should be out easily before the end of the fiscal year. If it's languishing near the end of the Summer I can still send the digits out. The Jam Up Cave and Pine Crest quads are in peer review, but probably doubtful by the end of FY."…… 2011-0202: backing out to 2012 for now…..Heise concurs on 2012; see emails of 1/13/2011…….2011-0118: added a few new gmaps from older MO GS pubs that may be of utility……2010-1115: changed to "CBS,NGC" to reflect work that can be done converting existing 7.5' data of USGS for OZAR area….2009-1118: ngmdb search for "weary" revealed new pubs for Round Spring (75211) and Cedar Grove (75212) 7.5's….need GIS for them though….2009-0902: need to discern needed 7.5's still not covered. Looks like Montauk, Cedar Grove, Gladden, Round Spring, The Sinks, Alley Spring, Bartlett, Jam Up Cave, Pine Crest, so search NGMDB for any new completions here first or USGS pubs…… 2007-1207: appears there will be holes in 7.5' coverage intersecting OZAR that USGS does not plan to map (need those quad names here Gladden, Spring Valley, The Sinks, Alley Spring, Jam Up cave, Pine Crest )). Need to consult with OZAR staff for their feelings on if data needed in those areas. Tim would like to see compare / contrast of newer 7.5's with GMAP 1622 (Spring Valley 30x60) and wonder if USGS is releasing newer map to supercede 30x60. Tim needs to upgrade HTLN MXD OZAR portion to reflect most recent maps (left off on 7336). GRE already have lots of 7.5' pieces digitally (Powder Mill Ferry, Eminence, Van Buren North, Stegall Mt, Winona, Big Spring, Van Buren South, Fremont, Low Wassie, Handy, Wilderness, Greer). FEDMAP says Montauk, Cedar Grove and Round Spring should be coming this FY 2008 (?) Image
PEFO Petrified Forest National Park Southern Colorado Plateau Network Intermountain Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2006 2015 2014-1208: Bill Parker really wants a GE product for PEFO map__2013-0125: newly published AZGS PEFO Map (GMAP 75663) needs incorporated into our GRI product; doesn't Cover PEFO expansion though; also Bill Parker would like Google Earth version of map too….. 2010-0310: what is gmap for Billingsley old PEFO map ?? ….2010-0127: need mapping for expanded area….2006-0713: Probably move up from 2007 to 2006 because mapping completed and "preliminary" digital files already received from NAU. Jim Chappell thought it might be complete by 2006-0713 in spite of linework being somewhat "blocky" Image
PETR Petroglyph National Monument Southern Colorado Plateau Network Intermountain Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2007 2017 2017-0425: GRI call for report; have note to Ren Thompson for mapping updates___2016-0121: usgs updated Volcano / Volcano ranch 7.5' as GMAP 75207; looks like a few polygon differences from existing GRI map but likely needs in depth compare/contrast for GRI incorporation_____2010-0115: need to compare/contrast new gmap to existing maps to see if it does supersede or enhance the existing PETR map…..2009-1109: lower priority conversion than CARE, HOCU, CUVA…..2009-1103: USGS released new 7.5' geologic map for GMAP 75207 (Volcanoes Ranch 7.5'; USGS SIM 3083) Image
RICH Richmond National Battlefield Park Mid-Atlantic Network Northeast Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2014 2017 2017-0713: Last quadrangle (Chester) map was to have been delivered as a part of the 1st deliverable for PETE this last late spring. It wasn't! Now expecting a draft Chester map in September, as STATE Map project. Our existing park map has been migrated, but needs QC. Likely a 2018 updated as we very likely won't have a final Chester map until fall (hopefully)!_____2014-0325: completed and posted as per O'meara email…..2013-1126: received 5 quads worth of data as GIS today; good news from Virginia GS that 5 quads for Seven Pines, Richmond, Roxbury, Dutch Gap, Drewrys Bluff are all submitted as part of statemap and they will send us digital files asap; leaving only the Chester 7.5' outstanding for RICH areas of interest..willl move to can be started once we receive files; invited Matt Heller to send to site…2013-0918: backing out to 2014……2011-0906….2011-0202: backing out to 2013 for now…..2010-0727: need to contact VA GS but they're website at speaks about these quads and Williamsburg 30x60 too and Richmond area mapping….2010-0722: GMAP 979 paper appears to be same as VA state geology, considering using this for both PETE and RICH as nothing else large-scale seems to be coming; need to discuss with Bruce Heise and make a decision…………2007-0222: email from Rick Berquist on Seven Pines s7.5' status….GRI needs to evaluate this one…2006-0917: project scope needs revisited with USGS and VAGS. Rick Berquist submitted partial geologic map of Seven Pines VA 7.5' to review; need to check for updates on this as well Image
SAGA Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site Northeast Temperate Network Northeast Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2015 2016 2016-0824: USGS finalized SIM map and need to reverify that existing GRI data matches final release; needs evaluated_______2015-0821: completed and posted____2015-0611: had kickoff call Connors-O'neara_chappell….in progress now___2015-0415: have received all SAGA data as preliminary: 4-7.5' quads of interest for bedrock from USGS Greg Walsh…awaiting final USGS release, but if GIS won't change it's likely we could start converting data for GMAPS 76011 and 76010____2015-0413: obtained GIS files from Walsh for Mt Ascutney 7.5x15 map; would also like to acquire 2 northern quads that are in review still_____2015-0406: The Hartland - North Hartland map I sent to you last year is still in our publications group awaiting edits, and no changes have been done to it since last year. I am working on the 2nd map for the St Gaudens area right now. I plan to have it into review this week. I will pass along all the files (1.2 GB) to keep the interns busy. The 2nd map is the Mt Ascutney 7.5' x 15'. That map is raw, and not reviewed.___2014-1209: expected April 1, 2015____2014-0414: anticipate May 2014 delivery for GRI conversion…..2013-0918: backing out to 2014……2011-0202: contract with USGS for FY 2013 delivery so optimistic for 2013 GRI completion….2010-0907: GRI has Greg Walsh (USGS) working on map…..4 quads to be delivered…..2009-1215: SAGA centered over intersection of 4 7.5's (North Hartland, Hartland VT, Claremont North, Windsor VT so multiple states. Gmap 2739 (Hartland VT) intersecting QOI but no SAGA on it, and GMAP 22724 also intersecting QOI with no SAGA on it either….arghhhhh…… doesn't extend into NH…….GMAP 56105 (NE bedrock) covers whole area at 500k and GMAP 74824 is NH state geology………2008-0619: sent final comments on scoping summary mapping piece to Trista Thornberry Ehrlich today. Currently only seem to have NH state geologics (need to acquire ??) for bedrock; check on 7.5' surficials. Image
SAGU Saguaro National Park Sonoran Desert Network Intermountain Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2002 2016 2010-0907: fault interpreations may need to be revisited in any map upgrades…….2010-0512: need to review existing help file to see if it can be upgraded Image
SLBE Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Great Lakes Network Midwest Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2003 2016 2015-1008: need to pursue status of Frankfort 7.5'____2013-0926: changing to FY 2014…..2012-0821: changing to FY 2013…2010-0907: Need to update surficial data. Original data used by GRI had projection problems and MI GS is currently updating bad data. Also need coverage for Frankfort 7.5' Quadrangle. Kevin Kincare from USGS offered to map summer 2011 to complete surficial coverage. Image
THRO Theodore Roosevelt National Park Northern Great Plains Network Midwest Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2003 2017 2014-1001: discoveed 7.5' quads for Roosevelt Creek East( 75953) and West (75954) for GRI conversion to fully complee THRO….2010-1021: update in progress…..compiled map; conversion of NDGS data Image
WACA Walnut Canyon National Monument Southern Colorado Plateau Network Intermountain Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2005 2018 2017-1010: identified need to verify map units "Pkt" and "Pc" for Kaibab and Coconion-toroweap; likely need to contact Northern Arizona University Professor Michael Ort to verify________completed and posted Image
WAPA War In The Pacific National Historical Park Pacific Islands Network Pacific West Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2009 2017 2013-0816: from earlier emails from TTE: Hello, I took a quick look at the new (2007) mapping available for WAPA, available at: The new mapping has many similarities with the old; however, there are many important differences based on new surveys and geologic age dates. I know Tim is going to look into how much time and effort would be necessary to include this new information into our GRI map product. To help understand some of the basic differences between old and new mapping, I took a quick look and compiled the attached list of changes. I did not go through the unit descriptions in detail to determine discrepancies/updates and have not yet looked closely at the actual spatial data to see how much it differs. I hope we can make something work out for the WAPA map. At the very least, we will definitely include the new information in the report and make footnotes to the MUPT. Cheers, Trista T-E…..2011-0322: have some new material to update map and MUPT with; needs reviewed, assigned and incorporated…..see emails on topic…2011-0302: conference call may reveal new geologic map availability…new resource person has information on it…WERI…Dr. Janson ?? Deanna Greco did trip back in Oct 2003 to assess landslides and such…trip report needs consulted for report…2008-1030: had pseudo kickoff call with Marsha Davis, Connors, mack, Karpilo. Agreed to use three plates from PP-403-a (GMAPs 2952, ~75026 and ~75027 ??); need to ask USGS pubs to DJVU the pp document; Bruce Heise will follow up on this . 2008-0709: think this should be added to FY 2009 cue; need kick off ASAP to decide issues mentioned with GMAP 2952 (ie. Need to acquire paper copy of PP-403-a first); might use USGS wri03-4126; needs followup; will be using USGS PP-403-x series (GMAP 2952) should have enough to start this project; review with Ron Karpilo. Image
WICA Wind Cave National Park Northern Great Plains Network Midwest Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2004 2016 2013-0410: needs updated with most recent mapping from Brian Fagnan and SDGS; have request in for GIS files…….2012-0720: update in progress as per O'meara email of today……2010-1021: update in progress….compiled map; needs to be 100 % Image
WRST Wrangell-St. Elias National Park Central Alaska Network Alaska Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2012 2017 2016-1025: updaated surficial as per GSA 2016 Ric Wilson poster ??2012-0404: completed and posted; 2012-0104: Karpilo sent data to be QC'd; psted to Z:\GIS\ron\wrst….2010-0115: is this top AKR priority for next ? Need call with Wison and Giffen and Heise to determine…..2009-1123: Tim ftp'd Yehle surficial prelimininary maps to USGS for there use…….2009-0923: Ric says this one can be converted……thought it was mid-list for NPS AKR……incorporating Yehle's work would be harder……….2007-0918: awaiting filling of AK position; USGS has OF-2005-1342 (GMAPs 7302,7298,7300,7303,7301,7296,7297,7304,7299) to convert as well as paper dedicated WRST equivalent SIM-2877 (GMAP 74822) for ancillary. Also need to incorporate Yehle surficial maps (GMAPs 1841-1844) in McCarthy corridor Image
YELL Yellowstone National Park Greater Yellowstone Network Intermountain Region Complete, Needs Updating yes 2007 2015 2014-1208: needs migrated forward…..2012-0720: update in progress as per O'meara email of today……2007-0917: hoping for FY 2007 completion (surficial already completely posted; awaiting bedrock finalization) Image

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