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Where to View

A total of 154 U.S. national parks will provide views of the eclipse, from partial to full annularity. This handout (PDF - 1.06 MB) includes a map showing the views of the eclipse from different parks. Many parks will hold programs during the actual eclipse. Be sure to visit the park events page for more details and use the interactive map below to learn how the eclipse will appear from a national park near you.

Use the map above to explore how the eclipse will be seen in different National Park Service locations.

The eclipse will be a full annular eclipse (the entire moon will be in front of the Sun) at the following 33 U.S. national parks. The parks marked with an * are where the moon will be centered on and cover about 95 percent of the Sun.

Download a document (PDF - 1.06 MB) including a map of NPS sites or click on the image above for a larger view.

Last Updated: January 03, 2017