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giant salviniabull thistleRed lionfish, a native of the western Pacific ocean, has invaded the southeast Atlantic coast of the United StatesA python constricting an alligator in the Everglades of Florida.  Pythons, originating in Africa and Asia, have become a significant invasive species in southern Florida.Yellow toadflax, originally from Europe and Asia, is now a common invasive plant in western United States.Emerald ash borer, originally from East Asia, has invaded forests in the eastern and midwestern United States.  The beetle has decimated ash trees in these areas.

Early Detection and Rapid Response

Early Detection and Rapid Response (EDRR) means locating invasive species just as they are beginning to invade a particular area and quickly treating the new infestation.  This concept is fundamental to effective invasive species management.  Early identification and treatment makes successful control more likely and can save critical funding and resources for the park.  EDRR relies upon a strong communication network and the education of visitors, neighbors, and employees about potential invaders. 

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