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Forest Health

Forest affected by pine beetle kill.
Rocky Mountain pine beetle kill. NPS photo.

The U.S. Forest Service's Forest Health Advisory System is designed to report on existing and predicted insect and disease conditions, raising awareness about forest health on National Park Service managed lands. America's forests provide ecological, social, and economic services to our nation. An important aspect of maintaining and enhancing a healthy forest is to protect and restore forests from insects and diseases that cause high levels of tree decline and mortality. However, as our nation's forests grow older and denser, they are at greater risk of attack and new invasive pests can become established. Fortunately, through the Forest Health Advisory System the National Park Service has access to projections which can identify tree species at risk of attack well ahead of time. Armed with this and other local information we can be proactive about protecting and restoring our forests to a healthy state.

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Last Updated: October 09, 2014