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Ozone Risk Assessment for Vital Signs Networks

Ozone risk assessment employs a biologically-based method to evaluate the risk of foliar injury from ozone at parks within the 32 Vital Signs Networks, the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, and the Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail. The assessment allows resource managers at each park to better understand the risk of ozone injury to vegetation within their park and permits them to make a better informed decision regarding the need to monitor the impacts of ozone on plants. Select a Vital Sign Network or National Scenic Trail from the map or list below to view an assessment. Assessments were not done for the Alaska and Pacific Islands networks; ozone estimates could not be made for park units in those networks because of the relative lack of monitoring data. Based on the limited ozone data available (from monitors at Denali NP and Hawaii Volcanoes NP), the risk of foliar injury from ozone in Alaska and the Pacific Islands networks is considered low. Assessments are in PDF format (70 - 400kb). A Network Risk Assessment Table, also in PDF format (494kb), provides summary information on risks for all networks.

Vital Signs Network Map

Vital Signs Network Map
North Coast and Cascades Network Klamath Network San Francisco Bay Area Network Mediterranean Coast Network Sierra Nevada Network Upper Columbia Basin Network Mojave Desert Network Southwest Alaska Network Arctic Network Central Alaska Network Rocky Mountain Network Greater Yellowstone Network Southeast Alaska Network Northern Colorado Plateau Network Southern Colorado Plateau Network Sonoran Desert Network Chihuahuan Desert Network Southern Plains Network Northern Great Plains Network Pacific Island Network Heartland Network Great Lakes Network Eastern Rivers and Mountains Network Northeast Temperate Network Gulf Coast Network Cumberland Piedmont Network Appalachian Highlands Network South Florida and Carribean Network South Florida and Carribean Network National Capital Network Southeast Coast Network Mid Atlantic Network Applachian Trail Network Northeast Coastal and Barrier Network

Ozone Risk Assessment Cover Page and Table of Contents

Ozone Risk Assessment Introduction

Network Assessments Below
Appalachian Highlands Mediterranean Coast San Francisco Bay Area
Appalachian Nat'l Scenic Trail Mid Atlantic Sierra Nevada
2006 Risk Assessment Updates for Selected Parks
Arctic Mojave Desert
2006 Risk Assessment Updates for Selected Parks
Sonoran Desert
Central Alaska Natchez Trace Nat'l Scenic Trail Southeast Alaska
Chihuahuan Desert National Capital Region Southeast Coast
Cumberland Piedmont North Coast & Cascades Southern Colorado Plateau
2006 Risk Assessment Updates for Selected Parks
Eastern Rivers and Mountains Northeast Temperate Southern Plains
Great Lakes Northeast Coastal & Barrier South Florida/ Caribbean
Greater Yellowstone
2006 Risk Assessment Updates for Selected Parks
Northern Colorado Plateau Southwest Alaska
Gulf Coast Northern Great Plains Upper Columbia Basin
2006 Risk Assessment Updates for Selected Parks
Heartland Rocky Mountain
2006 Risk Assessment Updates for Selected Parks
Klamath Pacific Island  
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