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AQRV Inventory:
Resources sensitive to air quality

Photo of Wild Canyon Overlook, Theodore Roosevelt NP, North Dakota. Clear day at Shenandoah NP, Virginia. Photo of a ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) male pine cone at Sequoia and Kings Canyon NPs, California. Photo of a peregrine falcon in Big Bend NP, Texas. Researcher analyzing soils at Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, Arizona.
Air quality impacts resources, including surface water, visibility, vegetation, wildlife, and soils.

The Air Resources Division is developing an inventory of air quality related values (AQRVs) for Inventory & Monitoring (I&M) parks. AQRVs are resources that may be adversely affected by a change in air quality. The resource may include visibility or a specific scenic, cultural, physical, biological, ecological, or recreational resource. NPS AQRVs include visibility, vegetation, water quality, soils, and fish and wildlife. The Air Resources Division is also developing air quality monitoring protocols for the networks. The AQRV inventory and available protocols can be accessed from the Inventory Products section below and the I&M Protocol Database.

AQRV inventory products include data, reports, interpretive materials, and maps on air quality issues and concerns in the 48 Class I national parks and 32 I&M networks of national parks

Inventory Products



Nitrogen & Sulfur Acidification

Park and Network Specific AQRV Inventory

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Last Updated: December 30, 2016