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Archives - April, 2004

NPS Nonattainment Designation Guiding Principles

The National Park Service has preliminarily identified the following guiding principles as general criteria for treating National Park Service units which have monitored violations of the 8-hour ozone standard. These considerations have been based on National Park Service's understanding of Clean Air Act requirements and interpretation of EPA's ozone implementation rule proposal that is subject to change before being finalized.

  • For an affected park unit in or near an urban (e.g., metropolitan statistical area, or MSA), 8-hour ozone nonattainment area, the park area should be coupled with the metropolitan nonattainment area. The park area may later be de-coupled from the urban portion if and when the urban area or the park meets the standard and the other does not.
  • Unless a park area is clearly in more than one air shed, with ozone air quality being markedly different between air sheds, the entire park should share the same designation status.
  • Except in very limited circumstances, park areas should not be designated as rural transport nonattainment areas under Clean Air Act Section 182(h).

The National Park Service remains an active participant in several local Early Action Compact coalitions looking at early measures to reduce ozone precursor emissions that are needed to attain the standard and help to protect the National Park Service areas. The National Park Service will continue to support these efforts and seek air quality improvements that protect public health and the environment. It is the National Park Service's desire to continue to be part of this important process that will impact our ability to protect National Park Service resources.

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