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Air Pollution: A Major Threat
Poor Visibility with Inversion Layer

Sadly, today, the breathtaking vistas of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are often obscured by a hazy mix of air pollutants. These pollutants jeopardize the health of people and the environment. Most of the air pollution comes from outside park boundaries, often from many miles away. Each year, vast quantities of smog and other air pollutants blow into Sequoia and Kings Canyon, making air pollution one of the greatest threats to the parks.

To combat this threat, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks have developed one of the largest air resources programs in the National Park Service. The program's goals are to increase understanding of air pollution and its effects on park resources and to mitigate air pollution impacts on the parks. Since the early 1980s, monitoring and research conducted by park staff and others have provided valuable information on ground-level ozone (a major component of smog), haze (caused by aerosols and particulates), and the chemistry of rain and snow (including acid rain) in the parks.

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  Air Pollution: A Major Threat

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