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Something's in the Air Credits

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“Something’s in the Air”  ©2003 Delphi International. All Rights Reserved. End User Software License Agreement.

Air pollution threatens the health of human beings and other living things on our planet. While often invisible, pollutants in the air create serious environmental, economic and health damage, and contribute to global climate change. “Something’s in the Air,” created by Delphi International in collaboration with the National Park Service, is an educational, research, and natural resources tool.

“Something’s in the Air” interactive air quality education program is aimed at educating people about the delicate state of air quality in California, about how unseen air pollution damages our health and communities, how pollution is being transported into the parks, the consequences of constructive actions, and solutions that invite everyone’s participation.


To provide stimulating, knowledgeable, and in-depth educational materials which contribute to the understanding of air quality resources, issues and standards
To make even the most daunting scientific findings about air pollution easy to understand through visualizations and multimedia presentations
To increase public knowledge of the link between air quality, pollution sources and community responsibility
To increase awareness of the vital connections between our health and the quality of the air we breathe
To generate public awareness and maximize support of programs and policies to monitor and improve environmental quality

“Something’s in the Air” has great scope and depth. We are very excited about offering it in support of the National Park Service public displays for people who visit Sequoia and Kings Canyon, Yosemite, and Lassen Volcanic National Parks. This graphically complex, 365 page interactive educational curriculum is of the highest quality, and we are very proud of the results. Delphi International has donated thousands of hours of work and corporate resources required to create new media; to prepare original graphics, video and multimedia presentations; to convert photographic images from infrared, black and white, and color prints to digital formats; to create complex, large-scale geographic composites merging multiple resolution data sources, and to create unique geo-spatial 3D interactive databases; to create the interface design architecture; to find and manage volunteers; and to incorporate all work into the “Something’s in the Air” interface design.

“Something’s in the Air” is the result of work contributed by a many people and organizations. With thanks to the following individuals and groups who donated services and time:

National Park Service

Air Resources Division of the National Park Service  

NPS Pacific West Region

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Yosemite National Park

California Air Resources Board

United States Forest Service

United States Geological Survey

Environmental Protection Agency



Stanford University


National Park Service Specialists:

Annie Esperanza

David Joseph

Donna Meisky

Judy Rocchio

Nicole Tancreto

Katy Warner

Julie Winchester

Delphi International:

Dmitri Bobrovnikov 

Erin Browne

Caroline Frey  

Dave Gan  

Bill Graham

Franco Imperial  

Paulette Jasmin  

Sonja Madson  

David Mastrandrea

Patricia Mastrandrea  

Michael Mastrandrea  

Jason Mendelson

Julie Mueller  

Matt Presta  

Naomi Raine  

Megan Rible  

Nancy Rice  

Gabe Risk

Ben Sleeter  

Tom Surya

© 2003 Delphi International. All Rights Reserved.