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Climate Change

Atmospheric picture, clouds

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  Up In The Air

  What Causes Weather?

  What is Climate?

  The Greenhouse Effect

  Global Warming

  A Burning Civilization



Up In The Air

As we look up in the sky on a clear day, we're not just looking at thin air, but part of a 7-layered, complex mix of gases that stretches some 430 miles above our planet (about the distance between San Francisco and LA). This is the Earth's atmosphere, the ultimate protective blanket that supports life on our planet. We live and breathe in the inner layer, called the troposphere, that reaches 7 miles out from the Earth's surface. This layer carries almost all of the moisture in the air, and, therefore, all the weather we experience is born there. The troposphere is always on the move, distributing life-giving water and heat worldwide.

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