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Clean Energy

Gases venting from a refinery

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Refinery at night

Energy Sources and Production: Delivering More Than Meets the Eye

Let's face the facts. Energy has come from pollution-producing sources for a long time. We rely on fossil fuels for transportation, industry and just about everything else. The bad news is that the burning of fossil fuels pollutes our air, and when the fuels are burned up, they're gone forever.

Luckily, there are other sources of energy. Many of them are non-polluting, and they don't run out. They are renewable energy sources.

A Future Without Fossil Fuels

There is a sure cure for air pollution. Phase out burning fossil fuels. And, when we do burn fossil fuels, clean up the process. Going to a no-carbon, renewable energy world won't happen overnight. However, as all of us work to balance complex issues, there are a lot of choices we can make today to insure a healthier, sustainable future.

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