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  EPA Standards: Minimizing the Risk

  People, Air & Fire: The Burning Questions

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  The Air We Breathe: The High Cost of Inhaling

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  Air Quality Timeline

Dense city smog, Los Angeles

Over 50 Years of Working to Clean Our Air

On the 50th anniversary of California's 1947 Air Pollution Control Act, our air was the cleanest it has been in decades. California has been consistently ahead of the federal government, other states, and the rest of the world in monitoring and reducing air pollution.

With Many Successes, an Urgent Challenge Remains

In spite of such progress, 7 of California's metropolitan areas are still in the nation's worst top 10 when it comes to ozone levels. To achieve healthy air, pollution emissions must be reduced. Scientific research continues to document both the long- and short-term effects of bad air. Can we clean up our air and still keep on the move? Can we afford not to?

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