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Acid Rain Lesson Plan


Acid Rain Lesson Plan (pdf 519 kb)

The National Park Service Air Resources Division in an effort to increase the public's awareness of air quality issues has developed a series of five activities for elementary and secondary schools. The activities are for grades six through eight and help teach students about Acid Rain. The lesson plan was prepared as a part of The Uplands Field Research Laboratory, Volunteer in Parks, and Interpretation of Science Project. Funding was provided by the Great Smoky Mountains Natural History Association.

Below are links to the background of the lesson plan and the five activities design for the students. Each of these pages can be printed individually and the entire lesson plan will be available soon for download. If you have any questions or comments please contact the Air Resources Division through Email (AirResources@den.nps.gov)

Acid Rain

What is it and How is it Measured

Grade Levels 6-8

5 Lessons:

  1. Activity 1 The pH scale Time: 1 hour
  2. Activity 2 Understanding the difference between an acid and a base Time: 1-2 hours
  3. Activity 3 Understanding what gases contribute to acid rain Time: 1 hour
  4. Activity 4 How acid rain is measured and monitored in the U.S. Time: 2 hours
  5. Activity 5 Understanding weather maps and the importance of storm tracking Time: Run by events; two to three storm events in 30 days


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