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Effects of Air Pollution

View of Mount Rainer and Bench Lake at Mount Rainer National Park, Washington
View of Mount Rainer and Bench Lake in
Mount Rainer NP, Washington.

Many resources at units of the National Park System are affected by air pollution. For example, the ability to appreciate scenic vistas is highly dependent on clean, clear air. Poor visibility caused by air pollution can affect park visitor’s enjoyment of scenic views and indicate that there may be other impacts occurring to resources.

Human-made pollution can harm ecological resources, including water quality, soils, plants, and animals. Air pollution may also cause or intensify respiratory symptoms for some visitors and employees at National Park Service areas.

The harmful effect of air pollution on the park visitor’s visual and recreational experience could cause impacts on park visitation and subsequent economic losses at parks and surrounding communities.

Types of Effects

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Last Updated: January 10, 2013