Follow the steps below to display an archived view of
Big Bend National Park

  1. Double click on the Archives folder in the window on the
    left to display the year(s) if not already visible.
  2. Double click on the desired year to display the months.
  3. Double click on the desired month to display those days
    with available photos.  Because of occasional equipment
    and communication problems not every day of each month
    has an archived photo.
  4. Click on the desired day of the month to display that day's image.
  5. Clicking on the + or - signs to the left of the year and
    month will also open or close the folders.
  6. Change the displayed view by choosing another date in the left window.
  7. Use your browser's Back button to review all of your selected views.
  8. Clicking on the Home link in the left window will return you to this page.
Current conditions at Big Bend National Park