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WACAP Publications

These references are for peer-reviewed, published articles and reports.

2010 Publications
  • Hageman, Kimberly J.; Hafner, William D.; Campbell, Donald H.; Jaffe, Daniel A.; Landers, Dixon H.; Massey Simonich, Staci L. 2010. Variability in Pesticide Deposition and Source Contributions to Snowpack in Western U.S. National Parks. Environmental Science and Technology: Vol 44, 4452–4458. Abstract available from Environmental Science and Technology online.

  • Landers, Dixon H.; Simonich, Staci Massey; Jaffe, Daniel; Geiser, Linda; Campbell, Donald H.; Schwindt, Adam; Schreck, Carl; Kent, Michael; Hafner, Will; Taylor, Howard E.; Hageman, Kimberley; Usenko, Sascha; Ackerman, Luke; Schrlau, Jill; Rose, Neil; Blett, Tamara; Erway, Marilyn Morrison. 2010. The Western Airborne Contaminant Assessment Project (WACAP): An Interdisciplinary Evaluation of the Impacts of Airborne Contaminants in Western U.S. National Parks. Environmental Science and Technology. Vol 44: 855-859. Full text article available from Environmental Science and Technology online.

  • Usenko, Sascha; Massey Simonich, Staci L.; Hageman, Kimberly J.; Schrlau, Jill E.; Geiser, Linda; Campbell, Donald H.; Applyby, Peter G.; Landers, Dixon H. 2010. Sources and Deposition of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons to Western U.S. National Parks. Environmental Science and Technology: Vol 44, 4512–4518. Abstract available from Environmental Science and Technology online.
2009 Publications
  • Schwindt, A.R., Kent, M.L., Ackerman, L.K., Massey Simonich, S.L., Landers, D.H., Blett, T.F., Schreck, C.B. 2009. Reproductive Abnormalities in Trout from Western U.S. National Parks. Trans. Am. Fish. Soc. Abstract (PDF 16kb)

2008 Publications

  • Ackerman, L.K., Schwindt, A.R., Massey Simonich, S.L., Koch, D.C., Blett, T.F., Schreck, C.B., Kent, M.L., Landers, D.H. Atmospherically Deposited PBDEs, Pesticides, PCBs, and PAHs in Western U.S. National Park Fish: Concentrations and Consumption Guidelines. Envir. Sci. Techn. 42 (7): 2334-2341. Abstract (PDF 16 kb)

  • Schwindt, A.R., Fournie, J.W., Landers, D.H., Schreck, C.B., and Kent, M.L. 2008. Mercury concentrations in salmonids from western U.S. national parks and relationships with age and macrophage aggregates. Envir. Sci. Techn. 42 (4): 1365-1370. Abstract (PDF 16 kb)
2007 Publications
  • Hafner, W.D.; Solorzano, N.N.; Jaffe, D.A. 2007. Analysis of rainfall and fine aerosol data using clustered trajectory analysis for National Park sites in the Western US. Atmospheric Environment: 41:3071-3081. Abstract (PDF 9 kb)

  • Usenko, S., Landers, D.H., Appleby, P.G., and Simonich, S.L. 2007. Current and historical deposition of PBDEs, Pesticides, PCBs, and PAHs to Rocky Mountain National Park. Envir. Sci. Techn. 41 (21): 7235-7241. Abstract (PDF 15 kb)
2006 Publications
  • Ackerman, L.K., Wilson, G.R., and Simonich, S.L. 2005. Quantitative Analysis of 39 Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers by Isotope Dilution GC/ Low-Resolution MS. Anal. Chem.: 77, 1979-1987 Abstract (PDF 13 kb)

  • Hageman, K.J., Simonich, S.L., Campbell, D.H., Wilson, G.R., and Landers, D.H. 2006. Atmospheric Deposition of Current-Use and Historic-Use Pesticides in Snow at National Parks in the Western United States. Environmental Science and Technology 40 (10), 3174 -3180, 2006 Abstract (PDF 22 kb)

  • Schwindt, Adam R; Feist, Grant W; Schreck Carl B. 2006. Stress does not inhibit induced vitellogenesis in juvenile rainbow trout. Environ Biol. Fish. In press and online at: DOI 10.1007/s10641-006-9144-y Abstract (PDF 7 kb)

  • Schwindt, A.R., Truelove, N., Schreck, C.B., Fournie, J.W., Landers, D.H., Kent M.L. 2006. Quantitative evaluation of macrophage aggregates in brook trout Salvelinus fontinalis and rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss. Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 68: 101-113 Abstract (PDF 17 kb)
2005 Publications
  • Usenko, Sascha; Hageman, Kimberly; Schmedding, Dave; Wilson, Glenn; Simonich, Staci. 2005. Trace Analysis of Semivolatile Organic Compounds in Large Volume Samples of Snow, Lake Water, and Groundwater. Environ. Sci. Technol.39: 6006-6015 Abstract (PDF 11kb)

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