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The Air Resources Division has a long history of participation in partnerships with multi-stakeholder groups to address local, regional and national air quality issues. We engage in these forums on both policy and technical levels. Links to websites for some of these partnerships appear below:

Regional Planning Organizations:

Western Regional Air Partnership

Central States Regional Air Partnership

Visibility Improvement States and Tribal Association of the Southeast

Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Visibility Union

Midwest Regional Planning Organization

Other multi-state forums

Western States Air Resource Council (WESTAR)

Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management

Mid-Atlantic Regional Air Management Association

Interagency Partnerships


National Atmospheric Deposition Program

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Air Quality Branch

U.S.-Canada Air Quality Agreement

NorthEast Regional Air Quality Committee (NERAQC)

Energy Development Activities

• i. BLM - Powder River Basin Regional Assessment

• ii. Federal Leadership Forum

• iii. Rocky Mountain Energy Council

• iv. Powder River Basin Interagency Working Group

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