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AQRV Definition

Air Quality Related Value (AQRV) - A resource as identified by the Federal Land Manager for one or more federal areas, that may be adversely affected by a change in air quality. The resource may include visibility or a specific scenic, cultural, physical, biological, ecological, or recreational resource identified by the Federal Land Manager for a particular area.

Examples of resources in our parks affected by adverse air quality

Federal Land Managers have been directed by Congress, through various mandates, to preserve and protect air quality related values. These mandates include the agencies' organic acts, the Wilderness Act, and the Clean Air Act. Congress directed the Federal Land Managers to:

"assume an aggresive role in protecting the air quality values of land areas under their jurisdiction. In cases of doubt the land manager should err on the side of protecting the air quality related values for future generations."
(Senate Report No. 95-127,95thCongress, 1stSession, 1977)

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