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Deposition Monitoring Locations

Wet deposition is monitored at 44 national parks and dry deposition is monitored at 29 national parks. Some sites have been operating for over 20 years. The NPS recently started monitoring mercury in wet deposition and currently has monitors in 13 national parks. More information on the monitoring sites and access to the data is available on the NADP and CASTNet web pages directly. The graphic below illustrates the different types of monitoring at NPS deposition monitoring locations. The same information is available in table format below the map.

US Monitoring Deposition Site Map

Deposition Monitoring Locations Table

Park Name Wet Deposition Wet Mercury Deposition Dry Deposition
Acadia NP X X X
Allegheny Portage Railroad NHS   X  
Assateague Island NS X    
Bandelier NM X    
Big Bend NP X   X
Big Thicket NPr     X
Bryce Canyon NP X    
Buffalo NR X    
Canyonlands NP X   X
Cape Cod NS X X  
Capulin Volcano NM X    
Catoctin Mountain Park X    
Chiricahua NM X   X
Congaree Swamp NP   X  
Craters of the Moon NM X X  
Death Valley NP     X
Denali NP & P X   X
Everglades NP X X X
Gila Cliff Dwellings NM X    
Glacier NP X X X
Grand Canyon NP X   X
Great Basin NP X   X
Great Smoky Mountains NP X X X
Guadalupe Mountains NP X    
Indiana Dunes NL X X  
Isle Royale NP-Chassel X    
Joshua Tree NP X   X
Lassen Volcanic NP X   X
Little Bighorn Battlefield NM X    
Mammoth Cave NP X X X
Mesa Verde NP X X X
Mount Rainier NP X   X
North Cascades NP X   X
Olympic NP X    
Organ Pipe Cactus NM X    
Petrified Forest NP X   X
Pinnacles NM X   X
Rocky Mtn NP-Beaver Meadows X   X
Rocky Mtn NP-Loch Vale X    
Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP X X X
Shenandoah NP X X X
Theodore Roosevelt NP X   X
Virgin Islands NP X    
Voyageurs NP X   X
Wind Cave NP X   X
Yellowstone NP X X X
Yosemite NP X   X
NP = National Park, NM = National Monument, NL = National Lakeshore, NR = National River, NP&P = National Park and Preserve, NPr = National Preserve
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