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Volume 32
Number 2
Winter 2015-2016
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On The Cover

In Focus: Celebrating soils across the National Park System

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By Susan Southard and Gregory Eckert

A montage of five photos showing soil profiles at various national parks
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Information Crossfile
In Focus: Soils
Rocky Mountain Science Centennial
Field Moment
Masthead Information
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Science Features
Photo of the black-legged tick, Ixodes scapularis (CDC/Jim Gathany) Knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding Lyme disease prevention among employees, day visitors, and campers at Greenbelt Park
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By Erin H. Jones, Amy Chanlongbutra, David Wong, Fred Cunningham, and Katherine A. Feldman
Case Studies
Shoreline view of Apostle Islands National Seashore taken from a boat in Lake Superior Nearshore conditions in the Great Lakes national parks: A baseline water quality and toxicological assessment
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By William O. Hobbs, Brenda Moraska Lafrancois, and Eva DiDonato
Research Reports
Night sky photo over Acadia National Park (Credit: NPS Natural Sounds and Night Skies Division) Indicators and standards of quality for viewing the night sky in the national parks
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By Robert Manning, Ellen Rovelstad, Chadwick Moore, Jeffrey Hallo, and Brandi Smith
Participants in the visitor and resource protection workshop (Courtesy of Demica Vigil) Resource protection, visitor safety, and employee safety: How prepared is the National Park Service?
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By Gina L. Depper, Demica C. Vigil, Robert B. Powell, and Brett A. Wright
Underwater photo of lake trout in Yellowsone Lake (Copyright Jay Fleming) Lake trout–induced spatial variation in the benthic invertebrates of Yellowstone Lake
Invasive lake trout indirectly increased biomass and body mass of amphipods
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By Oliver Wilmot, Lusha Tronstad, Robert O. Hall, Jr., Todd Koel, and Jeff Arnold
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