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Summer 2006
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Published: 4 Sep 2015 (online)  •  14 Sep 2015 (in print)
Predicting the spread of sudden oak death in California
Collecting 25 years of data from the kelp forests of Channel Islands
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World Conservation Union—An international resource
Reasoned action and lethal management of deer in Cuyahoga Valley National Park
  Cougar Management Guidelines published in Spanish
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Cougar Management Guidelines published in Spanish

Cover of English version of <i>Cougar Management Guidelines</i>, now published in Spanish.

Cover illustration, Dugald Stermer

In our last issue (Park Science 23(2):12–13) we reported the publication of Cougar Management Guidelines, a thorough work combining historical analysis of cougar management policies, decades of cougar research findings, and recommendations for the management of cougars in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Written by researchers, managers, and conservationists, the book was lauded as relevant and considered a much-needed information breakthrough. With its recent translation to Spanish (Puma, Guía de Manejo) this valuable resource is more relevant than ever for cougar managers in Latin America. Copies of the Spanish translation are available from John Laundre ( and Lucina Hernandez ( of the Instituto de Ecología in Durango, Mexico.

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